Can I pay for a down payment by borrowing a credit card?

Methods the amount of credit card holders in addition to offer financial proof for outside, if often use credit cards for large amount of consumption, is also helpful, but it said “big spending” must be in the normal consumer credit card, a credit card to pay the down payment is not in the “normal consumption”. The issuer may doubt you in cash, so then the amount raised wil

Strategies and techniques for financing small and micro enterprises

Small and micro enterprises in order to obtain operating and working capital, it is necessary to have better strategies and skills, we must find ways to bypass the past in banks and other financial institutions to apply for financing encountered a variety of fetters. Review of traditional financial institutions for credit enterprise general inspection of the assets and liabilities of the “ha

With a student card, the lending motive is profit making

College students “powder”, “Qi loan to buy Apple three piece”
“Campus loans is usually divided into three kinds: one is specifically for staging shopping platform for students, such as, any fun staging stage and also provide some low level of cash withdrawals; two is the P2P platform for student loans, and business, such as investment, investment, loans and othe