What should the P2P platform do if it is overdue?

In short, the P2P platform overdue is a very normal phenomenon, there is no best, there is no need to worry too much. The key lies in the comprehensive study on the background, previous investment platform wind control security mechanism, financial strength and other aspects, try to choose quality such as compliance platform, can effectively protect the personal interests and financial security.

Regular bank personal loan terms and amount

General regular bank personal loans are more than half a year, but not more than three years, if the special circumstances need to negotiate with the bank in advance.
2, regular regular bank personal loans will investigate the applicant’s credit record and whether there is an illegal record.
Formal bank lending is ready to step information and submit the materials, and then wait

Hangzhou many banks mortgage interest rate discount will be adjusted to 5% off

Reporters from a number of banks in Hangzhou found confirmation for the staff, the first suite of mortgage interest rates, in addition to individual foreign banks as well as less than ten percent off discount, many banks including industrial and commercial bank, agricultural bank, Bank of China, already in the near future will discount rate from 10 percent off adjusted to 5% off. At the same time,

Foreign P2P industry cold student net loan platform Earnest seek sale

Earnest’s rapid growth took place in 2014~2015, when the platform expanded from its first 30 employees to 200 employees, while the size of the loans grew by more than 50 times a year.
Earnest core products are for the majority of students who have read or graduated to provide credit services, the lowest interest rates can reach 1.92% of the year, the maximum will not exceed 7.5%. The b

The loan balance wusheng County banking financial institutions amounted to 10 billion 280 million yuan

Wusheng County adhere to early planning, early arrangements, on the basis of investigation, promptly convene a meeting to “county in 2017 financial work opinions”, clear objectives in banking financial institutions. The county’s efforts to expand credit, actively build a docking platform, to participate in public infrastructure construction to encourage banks to buy services thro