Whether the P2P platform will be affected by the loss of college students?

High quality users will be robbed of the bank?
Xiao Bian know a few students at home, their fixed monthly living expenses will be about 1000 yuan. But the usual eating and drinking has far exceeded more than half, not to mention buying clothes, cosmetics, transportation and so on.
If the bank enters the university student net loan, the doorsill certainly has the control, generally will

How can a rural credit cooperative loan?

2, I have valid identity documents;
1. The borrower is a citizen of People’s Republic of China with full civil capacity; the purpose of the loan is clear and legal; the amount of the loan application, the term and the currency are reasonable; the borrower has the willingness to repay and the repayment ability.
3, credit cooperatives for approval of loans;
3. Valid address p

Take you to business loans!

7, with the purchase of housing sales contracts;
2. A legal and valid ID card, residence booklet, and marital status certificate;
8, the seller has the right to dispose of the house, and the purchase of housing has obtained all the housing warrants;
1, a person with full civil capacity between 18 and 65 years of age, a natural person;
Commercial loans are limited and there

What personal loan artifact does Shanghai Pudong Development Bank have?

Pu silver: suitable for processing point of credit loans or buy financial products “users”
According to reports, the elite loan have simple procedures, ultra low for months and other characteristics, more importantly, this product is the maximum amount of 3 million yuan (high net worth individuals only), the longest period of 10 years, can meet the daily consumption of Car Buying

Compared to home loans, P2P financial advantages?

2, banking products: data show that in the first quarter of 2017, the average income of financial products was 4.18%, 600000*4.18%*20=50.2 million, higher than the baby class, but not flexible access.
Which of these statements do you agree with? What would you do if it were you?
No matter what decision you make, try to choose what you are good at. Xiao Bian felt that although the psych