Choose your own way of buying a house

1, personal housing commercial loans:
2, housing provident fund loans:
What are the loan purchase options? We can know through the above content, commercial individual housing loans, housing provident fund loans and individual housing loan portfolio in several ways are possible, as for the law to choose specific and specific contents can refer to the basic knowledge.
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United States “campus loan” into the largest consumer credit

Market competition, coupled with the dragons and fishes jumbled together, lax supervision, resulting in part of the platform to expand their business, such as lowering the threshold for rush into danger, lax audit, high interest rates, collection and other violent situations have occurred, some of the platform is also Its loopholes appeared one after another. black production, use, become a profit

What are the precautions for small and medium enterprises to apply for loans?

1, prepare good materials. Want to complete the loan, first must be able to do the work in the preparation of the data, after all, banks for small-scale enterprises in the audit of the degree of rigor is often very high. Including application reports, company profiles and legal person business license, the company’s articles of association as well as the legal representative of the ID card c

Why is the more money, the more loans to buy a house?

Look at how the rich manage their finances. You should remember these eight truths
Some people think that financial management is a patent for the rich and high-income families. They need to have enough money before they are qualified to talk about investment and financial management. In fact, the key factor that affects the future wealth is the level of the return on investment and the leng

What banks are there in the enterprise credit loan?

4. Other information requested by the bank.
According to Xiao Bian understand, each bank has enterprise credit loan. Such as China Merchants Bank “this”, “construction bank credit loan, Everbright Bank has business loans, Minsheng Bank” Small and micro businesses credit “,” Standard Chartered Bank unsecured enterprise “,” small proprietor of Wi