Three tips for low-income applicants to apply for a loan

In fact, as low-income people, as long as the work is stable, personal credit is good. Apply for a certain amount of loans is not a very difficult thing, we might as well try the above three methods given by Xiao Bian, perhaps can play a role oh ~!
Tip two: show proof of ancillary income
Financial proof. Can be regarded as financial proof of a lot of materials, including property permi

these five types of second-hand housing can not be used for mortgage loans,

4, the ownership of controversial houses and have been lawfully sealed, detained, regulatory or other forms of restrictions on the house, may not mortgage;
2, the age is too long, a small area of second-hand housing, the bank for the secondary housing mortgage conditions are harsh, in the general age of 20 years, 50 square meters of second-hand housing, many banks are not lending mortgage;

Campus loans are “fever”, 47 platforms opt out

In recent years, the campus loan platform growth trend, in 2013 for the first time to enter the campus campus loan, in the preliminary stage of development, from 2014 to 2015 the campus loan entered a period of rapid development, especially the mutual gold platform in 2015 to carry out the campus loan business rapid growth reached 108.
2013 July, the country’s first Internet campus len

A college student who wants to start a loan has come to see it!

6, have a certain amount of money.
1, borrowers must have a college degree or above;
Entrepreneurship is practice, not learning. Practice emphasizes practice and action, and experiences, witnesses and insights in spiritual practice. I hope you can succeed in your career!
What should be noticed in the process of applying for the start-up loan?
University students need to mee

You need to understand these before lending

Of course, credit is also a very important factor, lending institutions are more like to lend loans to those reliable credit users, so that the possibility of loan institutions to recover loans is more secure.
First of all, you have to make sure your qualifications are legal and the loan examiner will check them.
Effective water flow and controllable risk