Loans can earn more than 180 college students in Daqing

After getting the money, Tian Mingyu spent some of it and partly on lending. Originally thought lending will make money, but the situation is not optimistic, 100 thousand yuan loan principal and interest so that he felt the pressure alexander.
Born in 1989, Tian Mingyu, from Heilongjiang, Suihua. After graduating from college, he worked for some time in an online loan company in Beijing. In

What loan materials do self-employed people need to apply for loans?

1., the business license is a positive copy, tax registration is a positive copy, institutional code is a copy of the operating space lease contract.
If the self-employed is engaged in home improvement, building materials, freight, logistics and other cash flow instability industry, you need to provide nearly a year of bank cards, running bills.
2., the recent sales bills, manual books

How do migrant workers apply for starting loans?

Two, holding the business license issued by the administrative department for Industry and Commerce and the relevant business license, engaged in legitimate production and operation activities, have a stable income and debt service ability
The amount applied for is:
Loan term:
Peasant workers apply for start-up loans, the loan period is 2 years, the longest can not be more than 3

What loan proof materials do you need to prepare for the travel loan?

Here I would like to remind you to apply for a tourist loan by various lenders, need to prepare for the loan documents will be different, therefore, need to consult with the borrower, then preparing to apply for loans.
For tourism loans are loans that need to be prepared for what material? Now, there are many lending institutions have launched a tourism loan products, however, lending instit

Agricultural Bank’s worth of loan products

Xiao Bian to find a number of agricultural bank consumer loan products (car loans have been eliminated, home loans, etc.), to loan products introduced, there is no application conditions and loan reference lines.
Lending advantage of state-owned banks is relatively low lending rates, far from commercial banks and lending institutions issued loans cut interest rates. The disadvantage is that