Three tips for low-income applicants to apply for a loan

In fact, as low-income people, as long as the work is stable, personal credit is good. Apply for a certain amount of loans is not a very difficult thing, we might as well try the above three methods given by Xiao Bian, perhaps can play a role oh ~!
Tip two: show proof of ancillary income
Financial proof. Can be regarded as financial proof of a lot of materials, including property permits, car purchase contracts, provident fund deposit certificate, certificates of deposit, funds, bonds and so on. It is worth noting that the above content only need to provide copies, produce the original, and do not need to apply for any mortgage procedures, the borrower does not have to worry about the risk of assets.
Tip three: use the flexibility of the loan amount
Xiaobian have had real experience, but also as a test for you to test the “actual combat” experience. After a credit manager called the phone, small to the borrower’s identity, claiming a monthly income of 3000 yuan, 100 thousand yuan of credit, the credit manager sadly replied: “according to your situation, 100 thousand yuan loan amount may have difficulty, most can only borrow 4, 50 thousand yuan.” Of course, this is a component of luck. If bad luck, it is recommended that the borrower or the use of the above two ways.
One trick: increase your financial resources
This approach is largely a matter of luck, but this fortune usually happens when you walk outside the world of the bank. In short, non bank financial institutions have a lot of flexibility in the amount of loans granted, and they are likely to meet the needs of borrowers.
In the unsecured loan market, the line of credit is closely tied to income. In general, the loan amount is about 10 times the monthly income. Such a rule has two situations: high income applicants are willing to pay higher amounts of money without collateral loans, while lower income applicants have limited funds to disappoint. So, is there any way for low-income people to apply for adequate funds?
Many friends may be unfamiliar with the vocabulary of supplementary income. In fact, nothing more than the borrower in addition to the work of other sources of income, including, but not limited to housing, rent and so on. Proof of rental income, not only need to provide myself, tenants and intermediary signed between the three party housing rental contract, but also to provide the property under my name card. For the review of loose non bank financial institutions, bank flow can be either a punch line or a self contained flow.

these five types of second-hand housing can not be used for mortgage loans,

4, the ownership of controversial houses and have been lawfully sealed, detained, regulatory or other forms of restrictions on the house, may not mortgage;
2, the age is too long, a small area of second-hand housing, the bank for the secondary housing mortgage conditions are harsh, in the general age of 20 years, 50 square meters of second-hand housing, many banks are not lending mortgage;
3, less than 5 years of affordable housing is not allowed to market transactions, the bank also can not obtain his right card, can not apply for mortgage loans;
5, the demolition of the scope of the house, has been announced in accordance with the law, included in the scope of demolition of real estate may not be mortgaged.
Reporters from the major Silver City provident fund tube and too principle center was informed that with red or immovable property rights registration certificate of the house in the local area, can be used as collateral. But some of the property is not available as collateral.
Buy second-hand housing loans, if the choice of property security, you can mortgage the local property, which houses can be used as collateral housing?
1, such as small property, small property is not only the right to use, ownership of property permits to. Banks will not accept mortgage loans; loans outstanding in the house, the first mortgage loans, banks have the property rights of his law, the two banks obtain the same house not allowed his right;

Campus loans are “fever”, 47 platforms opt out

In recent years, the campus loan platform growth trend, in 2013 for the first time to enter the campus campus loan, in the preliminary stage of development, from 2014 to 2015 the campus loan entered a period of rapid development, especially the mutual gold platform in 2015 to carry out the campus loan business rapid growth reached 108.
2013 July, the country’s first Internet campus lending platform appears, followed by a number of Internet Financial platforms have aimed at the campus, the campus loan thus opened the road of barbaric growth.
In recent years, with more and more mutual gold platform to enter the campus campus loan credit market, rapid development, the industry increasingly fierce competition as well as the campus loan of barbaric growth, more and more students began to lure poor platform over consumption and induce students to borrow new old, the other part of the platform for approval too loose, identity alone and student ID can make self-control is weak in College students.” Net loan home researcher Wang Haimei said.
Data show that as of the end of February 2017, a total of 47 campus loan platform to opt out of the campus loan market. Among them, there are 28 platforms choose to shut down the site, there are 19 platforms choose to abandon the campus loan business, fought white-collar, blue collar and other wage earners lending business.
Admittedly, college students especially poor college students have the realistic demand of campus financial products, in addition to public loans and scholarships, mutual gold platform can meet the students some differentiated financial services. But the students continued because there is no source of income, credit awareness, and thus requires regulators and various participating institutions combining guidance, policy formulation, supervision and do in-depth publicity and guidance.
Once hot campus loans are now “fever””.
In 2016, this situation has been curbed, and campus loans have changed dramatically. In 2016 April, the circular on strengthening the risk prevention and education guidance of bad network lending on campus was introduced, and regulators began to rectify the campus loan market. August 24, 2016, the CBRC clearly put forward the “stop, move, whole, teach and guide” five word policy, the rectification of the campus loan problems. Subsequently, local regulators and self regulatory organizations have also introduced local policies and related documents to regulate campus loans.

A college student who wants to start a loan has come to see it!

6, have a certain amount of money.
1, borrowers must have a college degree or above;
Entrepreneurship is practice, not learning. Practice emphasizes practice and action, and experiences, witnesses and insights in spiritual practice. I hope you can succeed in your career!
What should be noticed in the process of applying for the start-up loan?
University students need to meet the following requirements when applying for business loans:
3, the project invested by entrepreneurs has a certain start-up funds, which is also the most important point.
3, have the ability to repay on time;
1, apply for entrepreneurial loans of college students must have a fixed place of residence and business place;
5 、 unemployed within six months after graduation (need registration certificate from local labor and social security department);
With the recent process of transformation and the pressure of social employment, entrepreneurship has gradually become a career choice for college students and graduates. In addition the country to encourage students to start their own businesses, so there are some college students after graduation in addition into the workplace, also want to do poineering work independently, as no personal income and savings for college students, it is common for a loan. How do college students apply for entrepreneurial loans? What are the conditions?
4. Having a fixed place of residence or place of business;
In addition, the application also requires college students applicants age not more than 50 years of age, engaged in business projects to legitimate, has the development potential of the market, at the same time the bank requirements have opened the settlement account in bank loans, and through the bank account for the daily settlement of the customer.
2, have business license;
2, need to have a business license and operating permit, but also a stable income, with the ability to repay principal and interest;

You need to understand these before lending

Of course, credit is also a very important factor, lending institutions are more like to lend loans to those reliable credit users, so that the possibility of loan institutions to recover loans is more secure.
First of all, you have to make sure your qualifications are legal and the loan examiner will check them.
Effective water flow and controllable risk
Qualification, effective guarantee
So in the choice of the loan amount, must according to their actual situation, do what. The term of the loan can be determined according to the borrower’s cash flow requirements, generally from the loan period and the effectiveness of the loan funds two considerations.
The quota is appropriate and the term is reasonable
Xiao Bian first talked about it today ~!
Under normal circumstances, the lending institutions do not operate in a high-risk and profitable manner, and will ensure the safety of funds as much as possible.
Generally speaking, the purpose of the loan is mainly business need, investment, financial management or life. The purpose of the loan is also to be examined by the lending institution in order to prevent the borrower from using the loan for illegal transactions.
Legitimate use, credit qualified
The loan does not mean lending, of course, you must first understand some information before the loan.
Whether there is an adequate and reliable source of income as a guarantee of repayment, which is also a measure of the borrower’s ability to lend to borrowers. The lender will understand the borrower’s financial ability from cash flow, financial status, production, operating income and receivables, so as to determine whether the borrower has a stable source of income.
In order to prevent borrowers to cope with the loan institutions and choose a guarantor at any time, your security ability whether pass, also want to check. If mortgages are made on houses, vehicles, etc., lenders will review their feasibility, ownership, and collateral value.
The amount of the loan you apply can meet your actual needs as well as reasonable amount. If the amount of the loan applied by the borrower has obviously exceeded the scope of the borrower’s experience, the lending institution will naturally be reluctant to grant the loan to such people.