Changzhou provident fund loan down payment ratio from 20% to 30%

In March 28th, the Changzhou housing provident fund website policy: Changzhou city housing provident fund borrowers first use of housing provident fund loans (including the revolution complement interest loans repaid), the purchase of owner occupied housing to improve the living conditions of the second loans, the minimum down payment ratio from 20% to 30%.

enterprise mortgage loans?

What are the requirements for
2., independent economic accounting, independent management, self financing, with the ability to pay interest on time;
There are several basic conditions for an enterprise to be:
1. shall be approved by the State Administration for Industry and commerce to be established, registered, and have a business license;
4., abide by the law and discipline, according to regulations in the bank to open basic accounts and general deposit accounts;
3., there is a certain amount of its own funds and products market, while production and operation need to be effective;
Basic conditions of enterprise loans:
5., the ratio of assets and liabilities must meet the requirements of the bank
Different loan types of enterprise loan conditions are different:
Enterprise mortgage business loans need what conditions? What is the survival of the capital, many enterprises due to the shortage of funds in the predicament, let a lot of enterprise credit conditions lead to recession, let Xiaobian to introduce the enterprise mortgage business loan conditions needed for.
Many enterprises believe that the threshold of bank loans is very high, but otherwise, bank loans are not as difficult as they think. First, for the enterprise, no matter what kind of loan must have certain basic conditions, only to meet the basic conditions of enterprise loan loan application, the enterprise can according to the economic situation and their repayment ability to choose the right loan.
After meeting the above basic requirements, enterprises can choose their own characteristics of the loan types. Among them, the two types of loan are: enterprise mortgage loan and enterprise credit loan.

what’s the interest rate on home mortgages? How to calculate?

Interest rates are 4.75% to five years (including five years);
At present, the benchmark interest rate for banks is:
Under one year (including one year), the interest rate is 4.35%;
Need to remind you is, for housing mortgage loans, borrowers of housing must be consistent with the bank mortgage requirements, if the borrower did not meet the housing bank mortgage is not able to handle the.
Over five years is 4.90%.
What’s the interest rate on home mortgage?
How do you calculate the mortgage interest rate?
Method of analysis and calculation of interest 4, mortgage real estate license: according to mortgage real estate license corresponding to the property to pay off the loan, the loan amount can be obtained is not the same.
1, the commercial banks mortgage interest rates are not the same, the specific interest rate is based on the borrower’s credit situation, professional nature, repayment ability and other factors to determine the comprehensive. If the borrower’s personal qualifications are better, the loan interest rate is lower; on the other hand, if the borrower has overdue repayment, the loan interest rate is higher.
Housing mortgage loans to borrowers to own or the third property as collateral, and with a stable income stage to the bank debt, but before repaid loans to banks as collateral, the property certificate, if buyers can not in accordance with the terms of debt, the bank can sell the house, to offset the debt. Housing mortgage loans are to pay interest, then, what is the mortgage interest rate? How to calculate?
It is understood that the current rate of bank mortgage lending is based on the benchmark interest rate set by the central bank, and then according to the borrower’s comprehensive personal qualifications, floating execution, usually go up about 10% to 20%. Under normal circumstances, the lender’s personal credit, income and assets, the borrower provided by the real estate area, age, location, and loan amount, term, will have a certain impact on the bank’s mortgage rates.
2, the benchmark lending rate table shows, five years above the benchmark interest rate of bank loans is 4.9%, personal housing mortgage loans and mortgage interest rates are not the same, the house mortgage rates are floating on the basis of the benchmark interest rate, while the housing mortgage loans first suite floating 10-30%, this is the main difference between them.
3, mortgage real estate license is generally the benchmark interest rate of 10%-40%, each bank is different, there is a need to concern is the assessment fees and loans, interest rates and other expenses about problems, balance before deciding which bank do.

how does the car mortgage

2, the applicant for home visits, surveys and estimates of vehicle value;
Management process:
1. The loan institution receives the information provided by the applicant;
4, handle the notarization and notarization of the loan;
3, loan institutions initial loan amount;
How can I borrow a car mortgage?
5, the applicant lending institutions custody related documents;
6, for mortgage registration procedures;
Traditional car finance is mainly biased towards the purchase of vehicles, namely: in the purchase of new cars, used car purchase, financial institutions for car owners to provide loans. Car mortgage business scope is relatively narrow, due to the devaluation, risk and other factors, the general bank does not accept such business, the borrower can find local formal loan company for car mortgage. According to gold investment loans Xiaobian understand, the loan company’s auto mortgage business, charge fees as the main cost. Since the term of the car mortgage is not long, the service charge is charged on a monthly basis, with a percentage of the loan amount. Different regions, different loan companies, charges are different. Then, how can I borrow a car mortgage?
Auto loan has two forms: one is the GPS class, that borrower mortgage procedures, the vehicle can continue to use; the two is over, refers to the customer for the vehicle mortgage registration formalities, shall be deposited into the designated vehicle garage lending institutions.
7, lending.

How do you choose a loan that suits you?!

3 select lending institutions
4 making repayment plans
Financial Services Company on the market each big loan institutions are more familiar with, understand the requirements of various lending institutions, so you can choose the appropriate loan products according to the actual situation of borrowers.
Bank mortgage lending speed between 15 days -30 days, each bank is different.
Bank credit lending speed between 7 days -20 days, each bank is different.
Project loan refers to a relatively long period of investment projects, the general cycle of more than two years.
(1) short-term emergency response;
This is because of the different requirements of the borrower’s loan products are not the same, even the same type of loan products, also be quite different requirements on the borrower’s loan institutions, if the borrower does not understand the loan requirements, also do not understand the actual situation of their own, and that there will be a white run phenomenon.
What should we do next if we get the loan? Plan repayment, of course. Repayment on time can create a good credit for yourself, and it will be of great help to apply for loans or other things later.
Why do we have to make clear the purpose and duration of the loan?
Financial Services Company and its choice of lending institutions, lending speed basic synchronization, but will be relatively fast, after all, acquaintances good job.
Loans must have a clear purpose, do not blindly. Clear the purpose and duration of the loan, in order to targeted selection of suitable loan products.
Many customers may encounter such a situation, run a lot of lending institutions, the results have been rejected, so that not only waste a lot of manpower and resources, but also affected the loan program.
If there is no house, do not belong to the quality of occupation (civil servants, institutions, state-owned enterprises, the world’s top 500 famous enterprises or employees), but the score of more than 85, can also be considered to apply for bank credit.
(2) choose bank credit;
If you have real estate, and all the housing or mortgage have been paid off, you can consider going to the bank for real estate mortgage, but the score reference score must be more than 60 points.
If the job is a civil service, institutions, state-owned enterprises, the world’s top 500 or well-known enterprise employees (such as BAT), and reference score of 70 points or more, you can consider applying for bank credit.
In addition to the loan value and interest, the speed is also a very important factor. Sometimes the speed is even more valuable than the interest and the amount. Here, we listed a variety of lending institutions lending speed, we can refer to.
(2) operating loans;
If you have a house, you can make a mortgage, you want to apply for a bank loan, but the reference score below 60 points, you can consider looking for a guarantee for Guarantee Corporation, banks want to apply for mortgage loans.
What if you evaluate your score and then find out what your conditions are? That’s OK. We can find a financial service company.
The purpose of doing so is to select the right amount of loan and choose the appropriate amount according to the actual purpose, so that the loan can be made right. On the other hand, in order to calculate the input-output ratio of loans, only in the scope of their own loans, in order to improve the effectiveness of loans.
To determine the credit loan amount according to individual score: 90 points or more, the loan amount is 600 thousand yuan; 80 points to 89 points, the loan amount is 100 thousand yuan; 70 points to 79 points, the loan amount is 50 thousand yuan; 60 points to 69 points, the loan amount is 10 thousand yuan; 50 points to 59 points, the loan amount for 5000 yuan; 40 points to 49 points, the loan amount is 3000 yuan; 40 points below the loan amount is 0.
You can refer to the following table to assess their loan qualifications.
If you do not meet the requirements of the bank (you can refer to the above three points to determine), you can apply for a small loan.
(5) select Financial Services Company
If there is a house (mortgage room can also), but do not want to mortgage the reference score of 70 points or more, ordinary people can apply for bank loans.
According to the loan threshold
How to choose their own lending institutions, maybe there are a lot of friends feel at a loss, indeed, the market so many lenders, to tell which one is and I do not say, here to give you some suggestions.
(1) choose bank mortgage
Small credit loan speed between 2 days -5 days, depending on the case with customers.
(3) project loans
1 define the purpose and duration of the loan
Of course, microfinance has its own threshold, is not to say that you can apply to the general quality, belonging to the occupation (civil servants, institutions, state-owned enterprises, the world’s top 500 famous enterprises or employees) the borrower reference score at least 50 points or more can be passed, if the borrower does not belong to ordinary occupation quality at least, scoring more than 60 points can be passed.
Here operating loans mainly refers to the purpose of loans for operating, is for investment, to obtain appropriate returns.
Bank loans, although low interest rates, but the bank has always been the credit industry aristocracy, to “quality” to take it, in the selection of customers have absolute priority. In the face of the superior bank, want to apply for a loan to a friend, who is confident, someone is overcautious, there is at a distance.
(4) select small loan companies
Why do some people feel this would hurt the unpleasant situation?
When it comes to loans, everyone wants to find a product with low interest and high quota. But the loan is a very vague and broad concept, including more financial institutions offering loans and many loan products. If the loan market is not familiar with, it is difficult to find a perfect match with their products, so we come home today to tell you how to choose a suitable for their loan products.
Guarantee Corporation is like a bank.
Thus, if you need money, should be the first consideration is the small loan company, followed by the other lending institutions.
Therefore, borrowers must understand their own loan qualifications, you can according to the following scoring system to do their own loan assessment, so that you can judge their loan qualifications.
Choose according to the speed of the loan
Of course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t meet the conditions of bank lending. There are also many loan agencies that can apply.
Short-term emergency, such as payment of goods, repayment of maturity, payment of staff salaries, etc., generally within two months.
2 self assessment
(3) selecting guarantee institution;