enterprise mortgage loans?

What are the requirements for
2., independent economic accounting, independent management, self financing, with the ability to pay interest on time;
There are several basic conditions for an enterprise to be:
1. shall be approved by the State Administration for Industry and commerce to be established, registered, and have a business license;
4., abide by the law and discipline, according to regulations in the bank to open basic accounts and general deposit accounts;
3., there is a certain amount of its own funds and products market, while production and operation need to be effective;
Basic conditions of enterprise loans:
5., the ratio of assets and liabilities must meet the requirements of the bank
Different loan types of enterprise loan conditions are different:
Enterprise mortgage business loans need what conditions? What is the survival of the capital, many enterprises due to the shortage of funds in the predicament, let a lot of enterprise credit conditions lead to recession, let Xiaobian to introduce the enterprise mortgage business loan conditions needed for.
Many enterprises believe that the threshold of bank loans is very high, but otherwise, bank loans are not as difficult as they think. First, for the enterprise, no matter what kind of loan must have certain basic conditions, only to meet the basic conditions of enterprise loan loan application, the enterprise can according to the economic situation and their repayment ability to choose the right loan.
After meeting the above basic requirements, enterprises can choose their own characteristics of the loan types. Among them, the two types of loan are: enterprise mortgage loan and enterprise credit loan.

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