what’s the interest rate on home mortgages? How to calculate?

Interest rates are 4.75% to five years (including five years);
At present, the benchmark interest rate for banks is:
Under one year (including one year), the interest rate is 4.35%;
Need to remind you is, for housing mortgage loans, borrowers of housing must be consistent with the bank mortgage requirements, if the borrower did not meet the housing bank mortgage is not able to handle the.
Over five years is 4.90%.
What’s the interest rate on home mortgage?
How do you calculate the mortgage interest rate?
Method of analysis and calculation of interest 4, mortgage real estate license: according to mortgage real estate license corresponding to the property to pay off the loan, the loan amount can be obtained is not the same.
1, the commercial banks mortgage interest rates are not the same, the specific interest rate is based on the borrower’s credit situation, professional nature, repayment ability and other factors to determine the comprehensive. If the borrower’s personal qualifications are better, the loan interest rate is lower; on the other hand, if the borrower has overdue repayment, the loan interest rate is higher.
Housing mortgage loans to borrowers to own or the third property as collateral, and with a stable income stage to the bank debt, but before repaid loans to banks as collateral, the property certificate, if buyers can not in accordance with the terms of debt, the bank can sell the house, to offset the debt. Housing mortgage loans are to pay interest, then, what is the mortgage interest rate? How to calculate?
It is understood that the current rate of bank mortgage lending is based on the benchmark interest rate set by the central bank, and then according to the borrower’s comprehensive personal qualifications, floating execution, usually go up about 10% to 20%. Under normal circumstances, the lender’s personal credit, income and assets, the borrower provided by the real estate area, age, location, and loan amount, term, will have a certain impact on the bank’s mortgage rates.
2, the benchmark lending rate table shows, five years above the benchmark interest rate of bank loans is 4.9%, personal housing mortgage loans and mortgage interest rates are not the same, the house mortgage rates are floating on the basis of the benchmark interest rate, while the housing mortgage loans first suite floating 10-30%, this is the main difference between them.
3, mortgage real estate license is generally the benchmark interest rate of 10%-40%, each bank is different, there is a need to concern is the assessment fees and loans, interest rates and other expenses about problems, balance before deciding which bank do.

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