how does the car mortgage

2, the applicant for home visits, surveys and estimates of vehicle value;
Management process:
1. The loan institution receives the information provided by the applicant;
4, handle the notarization and notarization of the loan;
3, loan institutions initial loan amount;
How can I borrow a car mortgage?
5, the applicant lending institutions custody related documents;
6, for mortgage registration procedures;
Traditional car finance is mainly biased towards the purchase of vehicles, namely: in the purchase of new cars, used car purchase, financial institutions for car owners to provide loans. Car mortgage business scope is relatively narrow, due to the devaluation, risk and other factors, the general bank does not accept such business, the borrower can find local formal loan company for car mortgage. According to gold investment loans Xiaobian understand, the loan company’s auto mortgage business, charge fees as the main cost. Since the term of the car mortgage is not long, the service charge is charged on a monthly basis, with a percentage of the loan amount. Different regions, different loan companies, charges are different. Then, how can I borrow a car mortgage?
Auto loan has two forms: one is the GPS class, that borrower mortgage procedures, the vehicle can continue to use; the two is over, refers to the customer for the vehicle mortgage registration formalities, shall be deposited into the designated vehicle garage lending institutions.
7, lending.

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