Three tips for low-income applicants to apply for a loan

In fact, as low-income people, as long as the work is stable, personal credit is good. Apply for a certain amount of loans is not a very difficult thing, we might as well try the above three methods given by Xiao Bian, perhaps can play a role oh ~!
Tip two: show proof of ancillary income
Financial proof. Can be regarded as financial proof of a lot of materials, including property permits, car purchase contracts, provident fund deposit certificate, certificates of deposit, funds, bonds and so on. It is worth noting that the above content only need to provide copies, produce the original, and do not need to apply for any mortgage procedures, the borrower does not have to worry about the risk of assets.
Tip three: use the flexibility of the loan amount
Xiaobian have had real experience, but also as a test for you to test the “actual combat” experience. After a credit manager called the phone, small to the borrower’s identity, claiming a monthly income of 3000 yuan, 100 thousand yuan of credit, the credit manager sadly replied: “according to your situation, 100 thousand yuan loan amount may have difficulty, most can only borrow 4, 50 thousand yuan.” Of course, this is a component of luck. If bad luck, it is recommended that the borrower or the use of the above two ways.
One trick: increase your financial resources
This approach is largely a matter of luck, but this fortune usually happens when you walk outside the world of the bank. In short, non bank financial institutions have a lot of flexibility in the amount of loans granted, and they are likely to meet the needs of borrowers.
In the unsecured loan market, the line of credit is closely tied to income. In general, the loan amount is about 10 times the monthly income. Such a rule has two situations: high income applicants are willing to pay higher amounts of money without collateral loans, while lower income applicants have limited funds to disappoint. So, is there any way for low-income people to apply for adequate funds?
Many friends may be unfamiliar with the vocabulary of supplementary income. In fact, nothing more than the borrower in addition to the work of other sources of income, including, but not limited to housing, rent and so on. Proof of rental income, not only need to provide myself, tenants and intermediary signed between the three party housing rental contract, but also to provide the property under my name card. For the review of loose non bank financial institutions, bank flow can be either a punch line or a self contained flow.

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