these five types of second-hand housing can not be used for mortgage loans,

4, the ownership of controversial houses and have been lawfully sealed, detained, regulatory or other forms of restrictions on the house, may not mortgage;
2, the age is too long, a small area of second-hand housing, the bank for the secondary housing mortgage conditions are harsh, in the general age of 20 years, 50 square meters of second-hand housing, many banks are not lending mortgage;
3, less than 5 years of affordable housing is not allowed to market transactions, the bank also can not obtain his right card, can not apply for mortgage loans;
5, the demolition of the scope of the house, has been announced in accordance with the law, included in the scope of demolition of real estate may not be mortgaged.
Reporters from the major Silver City provident fund tube and too principle center was informed that with red or immovable property rights registration certificate of the house in the local area, can be used as collateral. But some of the property is not available as collateral.
Buy second-hand housing loans, if the choice of property security, you can mortgage the local property, which houses can be used as collateral housing?
1, such as small property, small property is not only the right to use, ownership of property permits to. Banks will not accept mortgage loans; loans outstanding in the house, the first mortgage loans, banks have the property rights of his law, the two banks obtain the same house not allowed his right;

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