Campus loans are “fever”, 47 platforms opt out

In recent years, the campus loan platform growth trend, in 2013 for the first time to enter the campus campus loan, in the preliminary stage of development, from 2014 to 2015 the campus loan entered a period of rapid development, especially the mutual gold platform in 2015 to carry out the campus loan business rapid growth reached 108.
2013 July, the country’s first Internet campus lending platform appears, followed by a number of Internet Financial platforms have aimed at the campus, the campus loan thus opened the road of barbaric growth.
In recent years, with more and more mutual gold platform to enter the campus campus loan credit market, rapid development, the industry increasingly fierce competition as well as the campus loan of barbaric growth, more and more students began to lure poor platform over consumption and induce students to borrow new old, the other part of the platform for approval too loose, identity alone and student ID can make self-control is weak in College students.” Net loan home researcher Wang Haimei said.
Data show that as of the end of February 2017, a total of 47 campus loan platform to opt out of the campus loan market. Among them, there are 28 platforms choose to shut down the site, there are 19 platforms choose to abandon the campus loan business, fought white-collar, blue collar and other wage earners lending business.
Admittedly, college students especially poor college students have the realistic demand of campus financial products, in addition to public loans and scholarships, mutual gold platform can meet the students some differentiated financial services. But the students continued because there is no source of income, credit awareness, and thus requires regulators and various participating institutions combining guidance, policy formulation, supervision and do in-depth publicity and guidance.
Once hot campus loans are now “fever””.
In 2016, this situation has been curbed, and campus loans have changed dramatically. In 2016 April, the circular on strengthening the risk prevention and education guidance of bad network lending on campus was introduced, and regulators began to rectify the campus loan market. August 24, 2016, the CBRC clearly put forward the “stop, move, whole, teach and guide” five word policy, the rectification of the campus loan problems. Subsequently, local regulators and self regulatory organizations have also introduced local policies and related documents to regulate campus loans.

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