A college student who wants to start a loan has come to see it!

6, have a certain amount of money.
1, borrowers must have a college degree or above;
Entrepreneurship is practice, not learning. Practice emphasizes practice and action, and experiences, witnesses and insights in spiritual practice. I hope you can succeed in your career!
What should be noticed in the process of applying for the start-up loan?
University students need to meet the following requirements when applying for business loans:
3, the project invested by entrepreneurs has a certain start-up funds, which is also the most important point.
3, have the ability to repay on time;
1, apply for entrepreneurial loans of college students must have a fixed place of residence and business place;
5 、 unemployed within six months after graduation (need registration certificate from local labor and social security department);
With the recent process of transformation and the pressure of social employment, entrepreneurship has gradually become a career choice for college students and graduates. In addition the country to encourage students to start their own businesses, so there are some college students after graduation in addition into the workplace, also want to do poineering work independently, as no personal income and savings for college students, it is common for a loan. How do college students apply for entrepreneurial loans? What are the conditions?
4. Having a fixed place of residence or place of business;
In addition, the application also requires college students applicants age not more than 50 years of age, engaged in business projects to legitimate, has the development potential of the market, at the same time the bank requirements have opened the settlement account in bank loans, and through the bank account for the daily settlement of the customer.
2, have business license;
2, need to have a business license and operating permit, but also a stable income, with the ability to repay principal and interest;

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