Whether the P2P platform will be affected by the loss of college students?

High quality users will be robbed of the bank?
Xiao Bian know a few students at home, their fixed monthly living expenses will be about 1000 yuan. But the usual eating and drinking has far exceeded more than half, not to mention buying clothes, cosmetics, transportation and so on.
If the bank enters the university student net loan, the doorsill certainly has the control, generally will use the personal credit investigation form. Therefore, the credibility of this is definitely higher than in the developing P2P platform. And those who want to do things will not choose the bank’s consumer services, will tend to choose personal credit weak platform.
So where do college students have so much money? Is it rich at home? Let’s make a small analysis and analysis for you!
These are talking about skilled college students, and some college students just rely on loans, that is, we are familiar with the terrible campus loans.
Net loan in the university campus is becoming more and more difficult to do, high-quality access to customer resources will have been snatched away, some of the main campus network lending platform is difficult to go down.
Access to bank custody, P2P financial management platform will certainly enhance the cost, and then the bank into the college market, part of the crowd will be lost. Invisible to the P2P network loans still have some impact, but not the most critical, the most important thing is the loss of high-quality users.
It is understood that the current level of consumption of college students have quickly caught up with office workers, especially after staging, the cost level has greatly improved. But there are also some college students who use money for money management.
However, because some criminals have damaged the financial ecology of College Students’ lending market, the regulation may prompt banks to enter the consumer lending market of College students. Now banks re-enter the university campus market, P2P financial difficulties for customers greatly improved.
Office workers are not P2P net loans only access to resources, another part of the Internet banking crowd, as well as college students, modern college students is a huge consumer groups. When read the University, few people use mobile phone, Apple tablet, nor what around the place of consumption, a couple of hundred dollars a month for living expenses but also left point.
During the period of school, they will do every kind of part-time, especially those who can do at home can make money occupation, painting, photography, writing, translation, design, not only can the hand, there is a chance to make money, Why not??
Net lending platform is the core operation of resources, risk control, access to customers, are indispensable, if you want to do a good job campus network lending platform, you need higher risk management. Most college students have no continuous source of income, and the risk of repaying the loan is higher. If the ability of risk control and risk control of the college students is insufficient, it will lead to the possibility of high bad debts and high overdue.

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