How can a rural credit cooperative loan?

2, I have valid identity documents;
1. The borrower is a citizen of People’s Republic of China with full civil capacity; the purpose of the loan is clear and legal; the amount of the loan application, the term and the currency are reasonable; the borrower has the willingness to repay and the repayment ability.
3, credit cooperatives for approval of loans;
3. Valid address proof;
Loan terms:
1, borrowers apply for loans;
3, the production and operation of personal loans, in addition to comply with the above conditions, shall not be used for the following purposes: do not meet the national industrial policy and environmental protection of the production and business activities; our social restricted category, out of class customer management has been included in the capital market; investment; settlement of non-performing financial debt.
4, stable income proof.
6, credit cooperatives to grant loans.
5, the borrower for mortgage registration and other relevant procedures;
1, loan application approval form;
In the rural credit agency credit loans, only for the good reputation has the ability to repay, but also to the natural person living in the area of agricultural credit cooperatives account is fully capable of civil behavior, but the amount is relatively low, not high.
Loan information:
2, credit cooperatives to borrowers before the loan investigation, audit borrowers submit information;
Rural credit loan refers to the natural or legal persons in need of funds, made according to the prescribed conditions and procedures from the rural credit cooperatives, and the agreed amount, duration and interest rates, due to return the principal and interest of the loan behavior. Then, how can the rural credit cooperatives make loans?
4, borrowers and credit cooperatives signed a loan contract;
2, good credit borrowers, good moral character, abide by the law, no major adverse credit records; a stable income, the ability to repay the loans; open a current account in the rural credit cooperatives, rural credit cooperatives approved can provide the effective guarantee, arrival (quality) and other conditions of the lender guarantee; requirements.
Loan flow:

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