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7, with the purchase of housing sales contracts;
2. A legal and valid ID card, residence booklet, and marital status certificate;
8, the seller has the right to dispose of the house, and the purchase of housing has obtained all the housing warrants;
1, a person with full civil capacity between 18 and 65 years of age, a natural person;
Commercial loans are limited and there are many forms of repayment. Commercial loans for lenders whether the housing provident fund is not limited, as long as the down payment to meet the requirements of the bank, the proportion of good credit lines can apply for loans, the application process is relatively simple. But the lending rate is high. The disadvantage of commercial loans is that they do not poor interest, due to higher interest rates commercial loans, mortgage interest is also the first in several home loans. So, let’s weigh the pros and cons together
4, the payment of the purchase of housing for the first phase of the purchase of economic capacity;
9, housing common property, housing property must be issued jointly issued by the consent of the transfer of proof;
6 、 valid guarantee approved by the lender;
Commercial loans, also known as individual housing loans, are approved by the people’s Bank of China established commercial banks and housing savings banks, for urban residents to buy their own ordinary housing loans, the implementation of the statutory lending rates. Many commercial banks in Beijing have this business, such as China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of china. Apply for loan procedures are basically the same. Literally, such loans for commercial banks in the scope of services, generally referred to as individual housing loans, belonging to the bank self lending, is relative to the provident fund loans in a way. Then how can I apply for a commercial loan?
5, there is a steady source of income and the ability to repay the principal and interest on time and in full;
3, credit records are good and have repayment intention;
10. Other conditions stipulated by the bank.

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