What personal loan artifact does Shanghai Pudong Development Bank have?

Pu silver: suitable for processing point of credit loans or buy financial products “users”
According to reports, the elite loan have simple procedures, ultra low for months and other characteristics, more importantly, this product is the maximum amount of 3 million yuan (high net worth individuals only), the longest period of 10 years, can meet the daily consumption of Car Buying, education, decoration, etc. most of the tourism demand.
Labor costs and operating costs in the background is an important part of the traditional bank loan cost, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank consumer loans — Pu silver network integration and application based on the point of credit data, eliminating all manpower and operating costs, individual customers of Internet based self-service, online acceptance, approval, signing and automatic online instant loans, the whole process the online operation, be “Inclusive Finance”, to help the people.
“Elite credit” is the Pudong Development Bank launched a personal credit consumer loan products. As long as you are a steady working, good quality asset, and flash eye educated social elite, they can provide you with unsecured personal credit loans – Elite loans.
Home loan: suitable for decoration, car buying and other needs have handled the mortgage
According to reports, Pu silver point of credit loans for the longest period of 1 years, the maximum loan amount of 300 thousand yuan, with real-time, efficient and convenient product advantages. Pu silver point of credit is currently facing the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank on behalf of the customer, the existing mortgage customers, customers, other commercial bank mortgage loans repayment 6 months or more customers.
People solve this pain point based on the consideration of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank launched the “housing loan” – mortgage customers exclusive credit loans. People do not need to provide any information, just login online banking and mobile phone banking system for real-time data in brief, examination and approval, 3-5 minutes to get loans, the monthly payment system are calculated according to the customer’s repayment, the loan period of 1-10 years respectively for the freedom of choice, the maximum loan amount of 300 thousand yuan, to meet the public housing consumption needs.
Elite Loans: suitable for stable work, high-quality assets, flash eyes educated elite
Before, when people buy a pen for mortgage loans in the bank, such as the delivery of the new premises decoration buy building materials, car loans and who want to submit materials, go through the complex process, from application to loan need at least a month, not only the high threshold and cumbersome, many people give up because of this.
What personal loan artifact does Shanghai Pudong Development Bank have? Personal consumption loans once the traditional banking credit business, banks are little difference, in recent years, in order to cope with the financial challenges of the Internet, the traditional banking have transformation and self innovation, market consumer loan products constantly, people can not help but produce “squandering charming eyes. According to the gold investment loans for the story, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank from the perspective of customer needs of complex credit products by the crowd or the use of standardized products for scene segmentation is simple and easy to understand, to provide financing scheme can choose to do not have the financial expertise of the customers. In short, you have the demand for credit, and you can find what you need as long as you run a bank. Well, what are the personal loan artifact of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank?
It is reported that the “elite loan” is the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank in full consideration of the people now the capital base to enhance the quality of life requirements, for a stable income customers launched a combination of flexibility and high amount of personal loan products. The product through the standard template can quickly measure the applicant loan amount, and the amount of approved customer support consumer credit card or small withdrawals, 7 x 24 hours can use, very convenient, but also very consistent with the modern white-collar consumption values.

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