Compared to home loans, P2P financial advantages?

2, banking products: data show that in the first quarter of 2017, the average income of financial products was 4.18%, 600000*4.18%*20=50.2 million, higher than the baby class, but not flexible access.
Which of these statements do you agree with? What would you do if it were you?
No matter what decision you make, try to choose what you are good at. Xiao Bian felt that although the psychological feeling of debt is not so good, but financial management does help to improve the quality of life, if the debt is within reasonable limits, in fact, is a good way to finance.
3, although in the P2P:P2P financial regulatory control, income is declining, but at present, most of the P2P financial platform revenue can reach more than 8%, 600000*8%*20=96 million yuan, is not suddenly felt that P2P had complete explosion of the mortgage?
It was also said: “now the mortgage interest rate so low, take the money to finance, as long as the income is higher than the mortgage interest, can earn money, then there is no need to advance owing on the loan.”.
If you choose to manage your money first, it is recommended that you choose mixed asset allocation, that is, diversification of investment, do not put eggs in one basket.
Example: Wang had used the provident fund matching principal and interest loans 700 thousand, 20 years to pay off, according to the provident fund interest rate 3.25%, 20 years to pay interest 217 thousand.
Let us see a small platform has been used in the data: small investment targets are around 14%, 600000*14%*20=168 yuan, have you been surprised?
1, baby: now the baby class financial products revenue is rising, the current balance of treasure annual yield has reached 3.9%, 600000*3.9%*20=46.8 million yuan, the mortgage interest income is more than 2 times, flexible access, it is important to note, the baby products revenue is not fixed, is likely to fall below 3%.
Some people say: “owe the bank a bum money uncomfortable, early still relieved.”.
If you take 600 thousand home loans, count, it should be equivalent to earn 217 thousand. So what if you use the 600 thousand to manage your finances first?
You can put some of the funds into the balance treasure; part of the funds to buy P2P, pick P2P, try to choose both security and income platform.
Compared to home loans, P2P financial advantages?
First mortgage or first financial management, we may as well through data to compare:
Data on this, first financial or first owing on the loan, the need for many considerations, such as changes in income, financial risk, family debt and so on. And the P2P market to choose piercing eye, dragons and fishes jumbled together, a suitable platform.

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