What should the P2P platform do if it is overdue?

In short, the P2P platform overdue is a very normal phenomenon, there is no best, there is no need to worry too much. The key lies in the comprehensive study on the background, previous investment platform wind control security mechanism, financial strength and other aspects, try to choose quality such as compliance platform, can effectively protect the personal interests and financial security.
Risk and earnings are always the basic common sense of finance, even the P2P platform is no exception. In the financial industry, overdue is a normal phenomenon, we can not because the platform overdue, deny the platform, deny net loan industry.
So, what is overdue? The P2P platform is overdue and usually means the repayment date, the deadline, and the borrower’s outstanding repayment. But as investors, must be clear: not bad debts overdue. Overdue refers to the project borrowers failed to repay the principal and interest caused by the debt extension, and bad debt is overdue on the basis of the borrower is still unable to repay principal and interest after the collection of the phenomenon. Overdue is not terrible, terrible is the formation of bad debts.
First, the investor’s first step should be negotiated with the borrower, the platform and the guarantor. Now most of the P2P platform has set up a risk reserve, as investors set up a separate dedicated account, once the project is overdue, the platform can advance funds Xianxingpeifu, protect investors interests. Generally speaking, if a platform’s risk control mechanism is perfect, and the funds security is strong, even if it is overdue, it is in the controllable range, so investors need not worry too much.
Finally, many platforms are physical pledge platform,
Is the so-called “once bitten twice shy of ten years, many investors once heard the news on the platform project late inevitable heart panic, wonder P2P investment should also rely on this platform is not reliable? Dangerous? Your money can get back? In this regard, want to tell you is: even if the wind control more strictly, in the P2P platform project, overdue is bound to occur, it is important to platform response measures and solutions.
Secondly, if not with the negotiation platform, investors can choose to take legal proceedings in accordance with the contract, the borrower sued directly recover the money, can also sue Guarantee corporation according to the contract requirements to fulfill security responsibilities. Of course, investors can also directly prosecute the platform, but should pay attention to the right to sue is legitimate and reasonable, whether there is evidence to support?.
In the trend of industry regulation and the economic downturn, P2P industry in recent years, frequent risk events, especially the problem also appears in the small and medium-sized enterprise capital chain, multi platform has also been exposed problems of overdue projects, some even dragged platform shut down.
So, as an investor, what should be done when the P2P project is overdue?

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