The credit card will pass the examination and approval You have to pay attention to these things too!

The more cards you have, the more likely you are to forget your repayments and lead to a late credit card. Therefore, the credit card is not the more the better, the individual can according to their own needs to do card, timely cancellation of unused cards, control in 3 or so best.
Billing date: the bank will periodically collect the date of your credit card account, transactions, fees, etc., for the date of settlement.
2, cover the security code
Credit card repayments, whether minimum repayment or full repayment, must, most importantly, be remembered before a single day. There are many cards, bound debit card automatic repayment is undoubtedly the way to save worry.
Maturity date: the final date of the issuing bank’s request for the cardholder to return the due amount.
Most people get the credit card immediately after the card, however this is not the right way to open a credit card. Tell you, get a credit card, do not rush to open the card, the first step must be in the credit card signature back.
Online payment: credit card information do not leak, sea panning website and unknown sites need to be vigilant, do not point unknown link.
3 remember the key dates
4, use card security
7, timely cancellation of idle cards
Generally speaking, 3 consecutive overdue or cumulative overdue more than 6 times, it will be difficult to obtain bank loans. And once there is a bad record, 5 years later, personal credit report in the relevant bad information will be deleted. In other words, 5 years, you want to loan, buy a house, buy a car is impossible.
Bank account date: the date on which credit cards are recorded for each transaction.
1, credit card back sign
Transaction date: actual credit card consumption, cash withdrawal or transfer date.
5, repayment position is very important
Most of the card friends to see the application of the credit card into a post state, a hanging in the heart of the heart down, a variety of satisfaction, and finally do not worry about the rejection of the card! However, the success of the next card is only the first step, after the successful application of how to use a good card, but was ignored by 99% of people.
6. Make sure the card is not overdue
Many credit cards can be completed without a password. With the card number, validity, security code, you can credit card success, to see how important security code. In particular, some large credit cards, once someone knows your card number, validity, security code, it is easy to steal brush.
Credit card: never leave your eyes, swipe your card, block your password, check your purchase order and sign it again.

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