Changsha’s first suite of banks interest rates have returned to benchmark interest rates

“There’s basically no discount.” Chinese bank Changsha houjiatang branch of a credit manager told reporters, before 3 / 18 new deal, lowest discount rate can be 10 percent off, but now, basically impossible concessions.
North Canton deep: all mortgage interest rates have been raised
Recently, a number of banks in Changsha said that the current suite of interest rates have returned to the benchmark interest rate, while some banks still have a small amount of discount, but due to the need to queue, approval and loan cycle is difficult to determine. Because of the limited amount of the head office, some banks even reduced orders.
Financial search platform melt 360 recently released in April China mortgage market report shows that since April, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Fuzhou, Suzhou, Xiamen, Nanchang and Ningbo city have raised mortgage rates, 533 banks in the 35 city in the country, there are 122 banks first mortgage interest rates rise, the proportion of 22.89%; at present two sets of mortgage mainstream benchmark interest rate up 10%, and 12 banks have stopped lending.
In Changsha, mortgage rates have been quietly tightened. Today, the reporter consulted the bank credit manager, found that the first suite home loan interest rates in many banks in Changsha have returned to the benchmark interest rate, after the discount as low as 10 percent off and 5% off has become a rarity”.
Changsha: first mortgage tightening loan cycle extension
It is understood that from May 8th onwards, the four major state-owned banks in Guangzhou, China Construction Bank, ICBC, the Bank of China, ABC first mortgage interest rates overall upward, all in accordance with the benchmark interest rate. Similarly, in Shenzhen, although the banks did not explicitly policy introduced, but in the specific operations, preferential interest rates have been difficult to pass approval.
At present, since May, north, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, four tier cities have all raised mortgage interest rates, some second tier cities will tighten credit policy as an important part of the new round of regulation and combination of boxing.
At the same time, said a city of two suites have stopped lending. However, the reporter learned that Changsha has not stopped the two suite loan. At present, Changsha’s major banks two suites mortgage interest rates still carry out the benchmark interest rate rose 10% of the policy, but there is a difference in the down payment ratio.

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