A number of state-owned banks have returned to campus loans

For banks to enter the campus loan market, the industry views vary. Insiders pointed out that when the banking industry has been in the form of credit cards into the campus, but in the end because some students are overweight, vicious incidents, and was stopped by the cbrc.
Recently, the Bank of China launched the “Bank of China E loan” campus loan, tailored for college students to build small credit revolving loans. It is understood that, taking into account the students do not have a stable income, bank loans and long-term loans of campus launched early, up to 12 months, the future is extended to 3 to 6 years after graduation, covering the entry stage, the maximum loan amount of 8000 yuan.
In the face of traditional financial industry, and many Internet financial platform exit, started in the campus loan business joyhonest group related responsible person said, the Bank of China, China Construction Bank and other banks would like to see more formal financial institutions to enter the campus and the financial sector, regulators support the bank into the campus, but also reflects the regulators of the needs of users, campus consumption the social recognition of the value of financial market.
A lot of campus internet financial lending platform told reporters that more campus Piandai behavior of the credit markets, many of the students understanding of the lending behavior is not enough, this is one of the important causes of campus loan market too many bad loans.
“The use of high pressure situation, the non-compliance of the main lending clear out of the campus market, so that banks and market-oriented high-quality consumer financial services to jointly serve, but the end of the campus loan chaos first step.” Le letter relevant responsible person said, called on the industry to establish a unified information sharing mechanism, to avoid “long lending” triggered by the industry risks, to ensure long-term healthy development of the industry.
However, the CBRC Chairman Guo Shuqing in this year a quarter of the country’s economic and financial situation analysis meeting that the “campus loan to open Front Gate”, is regarded as the industry set the tone for the banking system “regular army” into the “campus loan”.
It is worth noting that, with state-owned banks collectively into the campus loan is different, once in the campus of the Internet financial platform increasingly reduced. According to the net loan home research center to incomplete statistics, as of the end of February 2017, a total of 47 campus loan platform to opt out of the campus loan market. Many well-known campus lending platforms have been transformed into white-collar market.
And before the Bank of China, China Construction Bank Guangdong branch also announced the introduction of Internet credit products for college students in the community, giving students 1000 yuan to 50 thousand yuan of credit lines. At present, the annual interest rate is 5.6%.

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