People online loans cheated Yongan police Trinidad pursuit

Through preliminary Mopai, the Yongan Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade police through the criminals on the Internet to leave traces of the criminal gangs to grasp the real crime site – Hubei, Xiaogan province. Determine the crime scene, criminal police officers will bring clothes rushed to Xiaogan.
According to police investigators, the suspect to “false deal with high loans” approach, specialized fraud urgent need for loans to the public. Preliminary investigation, the fraud Gang headed by Liu, the bank has more than 100 yuan of water! Liu hired Wu, left, the use of the Internet, telephone way in the network to “handle high credit loans” gimmick to attract loans for the public. Victim Liu on the website see “high loan”, then contacted the website leader. In the process, fraudsters can first promise to lend, but need to pay fees in the name of a victim to their money, and some do not understand the knowledge of the public so loans into the crook of the trap.
At present, 3 suspects were arrested for criminal detention fraud. Next, the public security organs will continue to dig deep into the case and track down other criminal members of the gang.
Remote pursuit is full of hardships, first arrived in Hubei, Xiaogan, police investigators began to acclimatized, the stomach to persist in handling cases. In cooperation with the local police, the Yongan Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade police looked through tens of thousands of vehicles driving photos, endure several nights, and finally mastered the criminal suspect’s trajectory.
During the period, cunning criminals to hide their whereabouts constantly replace the fake license plate, wearing masks, trying to muddle through, finally in the county in Xiaogan City, the police arrested the suspect Liu, Wu left.
March 5th, the Yongan people Liu Mou in the home for personal loans, has in the name of fees to other people remittance 9900 yuan. After two days, the loan has been fruitless, Liu realized that there was something wrong, and hastened to the Yongan Criminal Investigation Brigade reported to the police.

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