You have to understand these about bank liquidity loans!

Guarantee method:
3, has opened a basic account or general deposit account;
Liquidity loans as an effective means of financing, loan has the characteristics of short duration, simple procedures, high turnover, lower financing costs, so be welcomed by customers of the banking business.
Medium term loan refers to a period of 1 years to 3 years (including 1 years, including 3 years) of the working capital loans, mainly for the normal production and operation of enterprises in the regular turnover of occupation and working capital loans.
Many people have heard of bank liquidity loans, what is this? Working capital loans are loans to meet the short-term capital requirements of production and business operators in the process of production and operation, and ensure the normal operation of production and operation activities.
4, in addition to the provisions of the State Council, the total amount of equity capital investment of limited liability companies and Limited by Share Ltd shall not exceed 50% of the net assets;
ICBC does not grant loans to any of the following:
1, does not have the loan corpus qualifications and the basic condition;
Short term loans refer to the current capital loans with a period of 3 months to 1 years (excluding 3 months, including 1 years), which is mainly used for the capital needs of the normal production and operation of enterprises;
Loan terms:
7, there are other serious illegal business practices.
Loan term:
6, the proportion of the owner’s equity of the new project and the total investment required by the enterprise shall not be less than the proportion of the capital invested by the state as the proportion of the total investment required by the state.
2, in addition to natural persons, the administrative departments for Industry and Commerce (competent authorities) shall go through the annual inspection procedures;
5, production, management or investment projects have not obtained the permission of the environmental protection department;
6, in the contract, leasing, joint venture, cooperation, merger (merger), separation, property transfer, joint-stock transformation of the institutional change process, the original loans outstanding debt, the implementation of the original loan debt or provide guarantees;
3, medium-term loan
1, abide by the credit, have the ability to repay the debt on time, the original loan interest payable and maturity loans have been liquidated;
1, temporary loans
The liquidity of current capital loans is strong and applicable to workers and clients of enterprises and enterprises with medium and short term capital requirements. Under normal conditions, the bank according to the “safety, liquidity and profitability of the loan management, investigation and approval of customer credit, loans, make loans and loan, mortgage loan and loan term, interest rate decision.
Working capital loans are divided into temporary loans, short-term loans and medium-term loans according to the term of the loan.
Temporary loans refer to the working capital loans within the period of 3 months (including 3 months), which are mainly used for the temporary purchase of enterprises and the shortage of other seasonal payment funds;
5, the asset liability ratio meets the requirements of the lender;
Medium term working capital loans are applicable to customers whose production and operation are normal and growth is good, and products have market, operate well, have no bad credit record and have higher credit rating. Customers who offer full low risk guarantees are not subject to credit grade restrictions.
2, short-term loans
4, construction projects in accordance with state regulations should be reported to the relevant departments for approval, without obtaining approval documents;
3, violation of the State Administration of foreign exchange regulations;
Working capital loans can be classified into credit loans, third party guarantee loans, mortgage loans and pledge loans according to different modes of guarantee.
According to the duration of the loan can be divided into the middle of short-term liquidity loans within one year and one year to three years period of liquidity loans; loan can be divided into loans and credit loans, secured loans and guarantees, including mortgage and pledge form; to use can be divided into the application, approval by a case by case basis the short-term loan in the bank, and the specified time limit, and then borrowed with, with the short cycle of loans.
2, production, operation or investment in countries expressly prohibited products, projects;
Liquidity loans according to their different purposes, including securities companies other loans, including real estate mortgage loans, deposit loans, secured loans and credit loans, securities companies need to solve for the purchase of fixed assets, business department of decoration company.

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