Conditions and repayment methods for college students to apply for pioneering loans

2, holding the business license issued by the administrative department for Industry and Commerce and the relevant business license, engaged in legitimate production and operation activities, have a stable income and debt service ability;
Entrepreneurship loan repayment according to different loan period into two kinds: one is the term of the loan in a year (including one year) within the implementation of a debt maturity, with the benefit of clear; two is the loan period in more than a year, the loan principal repayment methods can be adopted for repayment of principal or equal principal repayment method, can also be another way to agreed repayment.
3, investment projects have some money;
What are the repayment methods for college students’ pioneering loans?
However, the borrower needs attention is that the content above is for reference only, specific policies should be made to the provisions of the local authorities shall prevail, so, before applying for the loan, the borrower can consult with local lenders.
5, open a settlement account at the bank, operating income through bank settlement.
What is the condition and method of repayment, students apply for a business loan? More and more college students self employment and entrepreneurial choice now, money is a major problem placed in front of them, so how to solve this problem? In fact, now many places have introduced the university students to start a business loan policy, so as to meet the conditions of the college students can apply for business loans. Then, what are the conditions and repayment methods for college students to apply for entrepreneurial loans?
4, the use of loans in line with relevant state laws and bank credit policy provisions (Note: not allowed for equity equity investment);
What are the requirements to apply for a business loan for college students?
1, at least eighteen years of age, there is a legal and effective identification of the location of the bank and the legitimate residence permit, a fixed residence or place of business;

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