Lujiang rural commercial bank to promote easy credit card loans fingertips

Xu Xu engaged in agricultural production at the end of the year to pay the rent of 3005 acres of land rent, a moment of cash flow is not open, they think of a few months ago for the easy credit card business, then apply for a loan credit 400 thousand yuan. With no borrowing requirements, it has been left at home. Now that there is not enough money to pay for the land rent, it has applied for a loan procedure within the line of credit. “We are engaged in agricultural production, the seasonal demand for funds like crops, fertilizers, the payment of land rent, we apply for a period of time, until the crops sold, we put on loan. In the past to apply for loans, or has been used, or it is difficult to re lending, with the loan also easy credit card business is particularly suitable for short-term turnover.”
A finger, you can stay at home loan business, the convenient financial services in recent years, Lujiang rural commercial bank to promote the easy credit card credit products, effectively solve the customer loan demand and duration mismatches. As of December 28, 2016, Lujiang rural commercial bank credit card business to 2901 households accumulated credit, loans 310 million 740 thousand yuan.
In August this year, Lujiang rural commercial bank in the “easy credit card”, innovation launched for the county working-class customers, low interest rates, self-help circulation loan business “salary guarantee loan”. Just five months, the bank has 2901 customers credit 486 million 620 thousand yuan “pay Paul loan” loan.
Lujiang rural commercial bank marketing initiative to the clinic “pay loan” loans, Dr. Xu visited that love in the hospital, in accordance with the conditions of shen. Taking into account the actual situation of Dr. Xu, the bank to his lover’s wages as collateral, to Xu doctor for 100 thousand yuan loan. “In the past, the conditions of bank loans were complex and interest rates were high. Now only need to provide identity cards and proof of wages and other materials, and soon can apply for low interest working capital, it is really convenient!” Said Dr. Xu cheerfully.
Xu came to the doctor’s office, I saw the doctor heard Xu followed over the patients. Dr. Xu told the writer from leisure, has been 19 years, has been in the town to run their own small clinic. The township residents have a headache and slight fever, are used to find a doctor xu. Dr. Xu told reporters, Sheng Qiao Zhen Lujiang county is a large population of the town, the town medical institutions less, every time he will need an ample supply of drugs for funds zhouzhuanbukai sometimes possible period of want or need.
“Want to use, borrow, do not have to return, this kind of DIY loans, very suitable for frequent entry and use of funds, the use of plans is not strong small enterprises.”. Easy credit card business can solve the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises in the flow of funds, so that small and micro business owners to easily complete the financing, and this is my line pushing the product’s original intention.” The bank chief said.
The “live” purse of an individual customer
The gospel of small and micro business owners”

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