How do laid-off workers apply for starting loans?

(1) migrant workers entrepreneurship must have business, tax registration certificate and proof of residence, home business personnel also need to provide residence residence (Village) Committee issued a certificate of migrant workers, labor brokers also need to provide a valid certificate issued by the association of realtors;
(6) loan purposes are only used for short-term cash flow requirements;
(2) a permanent residence account in this county;
(5) the project engaged in business is a meager profit project;
(7) the borrower must provide full mortgage, pledge guarantee or qualified guarantee;
(4) a joint venture entity or a small enterprise has a fixed place of operation and a certain amount of its own capital;
The laid-off workers how to apply for business loans? Today, many city every year there will be a part of the re employment of laid-off workers can not, therefore, many laid-off workers will want to apply for business loans, loans to institutions so the laid-off workers to apply for a business loan to the lending institutions?
(3) have the basic ability to work, after employment, re employment training;
The laid-off workers to how to apply for business loans to lenders to banks? Laid-off workers re employment small loans as an example, this kind of loan is supported by the government, the full financial discount, the designated bank for cooperative financial institutions.
The conditions for the application of small loans for re employment of laid-off workers are as follows:
In addition, the laid-off work to loan institutions to apply for entrepreneurial loans, successful loans, but also remember to pay on time and in full repayment, do not appear overdue, otherwise it will seriously affect the personal credit record.

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