“Black net loan” platform routine

Use association to endorse routine investors
After the new constraints, run away, fraud platform has dropped significantly, the net loan industry into a benign development, but some have not yet been exposed the “black net loan” is still alive, a routine to investors through a variety of means, false propaganda.
P2P Financial Industry Association of state-owned enterprises
In March 25, 2016, the association of China Internet financial industry association was formally established, aims through the self-discipline management and membership services, standardize institutions market behavior, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the industry, promote the institutions to better serve economic and social development, industry norms to guide the healthy operation. At the same time, the association also issued a supervision and constraints related, but some miserable is that members of the inter Gold Association also “accident”, in addition to the platform using the association to their endorsement, more people doubt the significance of the existence of association. From today’s perspective, as these associations endorsed their platform as background, with a certificate of bachelor’s degree of prisoners, with or without this certificate cannot cannot change the facts of the crime he had.
Investment banking is a test of the ability of investors to distinguish between benign platforms, but also to assess whether a platform is sincere process. Therefore, investors in the financial process, we must adhere to the choice of platform transparent, safe and stable project, financial professional sincere platform, you can easily avoid routine, to avoid the “black net loan” dangerous situation. Call net loan industry: please be more sincere, less routines!
Since the beginning of the net loan platform revenue has dropped to the lowest state, the average annual yield of 9%, so many directed “money” to the investors flinch, if this time which platform to say their revenue “high”, the platform safety questionable the. After 06 years of net loan industry from entering into China, its yield has been maintained at around 20%, or even higher, but with the factors of supervision and market environment, net loan platform yields are declining, this is mainly because the cost of compliance net loan platform continues to increase, resulting in the current state.
If you just graduated, there is a large state-owned enterprises to your olive branch, you must not think too much to go, but it is put in the net loan market is not the case, once the net loan market generally a trend is to find “the godfather”, we think there are state-owned background security, fallback, and a large number of net loan platform started to promote their state-owned background, but investors do not know the background may be bought, and even some state-owned enterprises in addition to the state-owned enterprise name left, as well as a debt is very terrible consequences for the endorsement of net loan platform with the decay of state-owned enterprises so the “blood” lesson investor has awakened a. This and the above Association endorsement platform has the same purpose, and now investors have finally realized that endorsement is always only endorsement, can not be used as a guarantee of security platform.
In the net loan market once, if a net loan platform does not guarantee mechanism, the platform does not offer online, then the platform guarantees in the publicity will try to promote their own platform security background, so that the background platform in the eyes of many investors directly on behalf of the “security”. But a few years ago in the news, the platform finally secured an accident after the accident, and the corresponding financing Guarantee Corporation to distance themselves from the relationship, and thus their platform, investors understand there is no security guarantee and platform seems to have no relation, so now only which platform to publicize their guarantee “cow”, that is likely to face their own platform in the future will be.
With guarantee institutions, routine investors
Here, the author and those who invest in financial management to share those “black net loan” platform routine:
With state-owned background, routine investors
Using super high-yield portfolio investors
Net loan industry, knock stumble development today, experienced in 2016 the strict supervision of the new regulations about, there are still problems that can not be ignored. At the end of December 2016, the number of net loan industry operation platform reached 2448, compared to 2015 at the end of the year fell by 985, the total number of normal operating platform to maintain the gradual reduction of the trend, the end of February 2017 is further down to 2335, including the closure of platform and platform.

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