Guangdong insurance industry launched innovative insurance fund to support small loans

Small loans for agricultural support services for small and medium-sized enterprises or agricultural insurance farmers insured. Compared to the traditional bank mortgage, small loans supported by insurance funds have unique advantages: first, the cost is lower. The lending rate is 6.2%, lower than the bank lending rate to agricultural leading enterprises. Two is simple procedures. By transferring the risk of agricultural insurance, farmers can obtain loans more easily without providing collateral, which is more close to the farmers, lack of collateral, scattered and frequent financial needs. Three is comprehensive service. The project is to provide loans to support, can also provide insurance risk protection, to meet the various needs of small and micro enterprises or farmers, but also realize the insurance industry from providing risk protection to provide comprehensive financial services across the insurance service of poverty alleviation strategy, an important practice to solve the problem of “financing difficulties, financing expensive”.
To further implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the support of small and micro enterprises and services, “three rural” important deployment, the full use of insurance mechanisms to support precise poverty alleviation, innovative insurance funds application model. Approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, the China People’s Insurance Group (hereinafter referred to as “PICC group”) to carry out insurance funds to support small loans business pilot. Recently, the risk of agricultural support small loans officially landed in Guangdong, Guangdong insurance services for small and micro enterprises and “three rural” development explored a new path.
The next step, the Guangdong Insurance Regulatory Bureau will continue to guide the insurance agency, insurance capital Guangdong steadily expanded agriculture support small loan business pilot, the introduction of more insurance funds, help more small and micro enterprises to solve the financing problems of the rural development and service transformation and upgrading.

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