Loan fraud alert up to Alipay, WeChat main transfer

Xiamen anti fraud center statistics show that from March 24, 2017 to April 23rd period, the Xiamen police received a total of 51 loan fraud fraud, involving a total amount of 477 thousand, the largest single for 61 thousand and 200 yuan. The number of cases rose by 50%, up 41.67% from the previous cycle. According to the Xiamen anti fraud center related staff, such cases involve more “low interest loans”, “unsecured loans” and other words, and the proportion of men cheated is much higher than women. In the above time range, cheated male accounted for 72.55%, women accounted for 27.45%. From the point of view of age, age 29 swindled into such a high-risk group, 60.78% of the people belong to the age range of the report.
Xiamen residents are self-employed small Su, recently due to the urgent need for working capital, they would like to turn to the net loan company. In April 11th, the small Su in the online search “loan”, leaving a mobile phone number in a web site.
In addition, due to the popularity of mobile payment channels and ATM machine transfer “24 hour delay into account” rules, such as telecommunications fraud transfer, transfer to a bank card through Alipay ranked “top”, the second is WeChat transfers and cash deposits etc..
Xiamen police remind: first, wary of online “do not guarantee, no mortgage” contains sensitive word information, this kind of scam in loans almost not set up any loans, unsecured unsecured, and very low interest rates. Second, usually, regular lenders do not charge any fees before successful loans are made. If you apply for loans on the Internet, the other party request fees, it is generally a scam. Third, compared with other lending institutions, the bank lending rate is usually the lowest, but even if the bank’s small unsecured loans, interest rates will be around 8%. If you apply for “30 thousand to 100 thousand yuan of small loans” on the Internet, the interest rate is only 1%, basically it can be considered a fraud. Fourth, mortgage loans require collateral, unsecured loans also need a stable job, pay water, good credit can be successfully applied, there is no one card, you can get a loan. If you apply for online small loans, the other side that you can get a loan with an ID card, do not be fooled. Fifth, although the online loan can be submitted online, but in the end will generally choose to sign the contracts, so they say “no need to meet, fax the contract” is a hoax, never in a trap.
In April 12th, Xiao Su received claiming to be “Beijing should be used universalist integrity management company limited” phone, the other said can provide short-term loans of one hundred thousand yuan, and seriously through the mail without a mortgage contract. In the acquisition of small Su trust, the other side claimed to pay 10% of the deposit, to ensure that the small Su have repayment ability, has convinced the other side of the small Su soon remitted to the 10000 yuan margin. After this, the other party has to do the running account, submit the risk guarantee for the sake of lure small Su turn money, want to quickly get the loan of the small sue, so again and again to each other designated account transfer. Until April 16th, 9 am, the small Sue again call the other party to ask for progress when the loan, found that the other phone off, this just wake up alarm. According to little Su recalled, before and after a total of 50000 yuan cheated.

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