Taobao refund into loans to beware of new types of shopping fraud

After the operation, her Alipay account was 3000 yuan. The other told her and out of trouble, they through this platform and made money to her, she needs to put $3000 in cash to WeChat, and then deducted 198 yuan compensation, the rest of the money transfer to him directly with WeChat. This time, the refund was finally successful.
In March 8th this year, South Park College Students Xiao Hu received a strange phone call, the person claiming to be the “Taobao seller”, to her “apology”, said Hu before they shop to buy a pair of shoes have quality problems, and check the order with her detailed information and the recipient address then tell her that this pair of shoes quality, manufacturers must be retrieved.
Many people like online shopping, but the online shopping fraud trap is called “air defense”. Recently, a liar and move up even if you mind lending, bank card money, he can put your money cheated: liar by illegal access to the online shopping list, contact the buyer to call that product quality problems to apply for a refund for the victim, to lure the victim in Alipay software “to” stage “the joint good period of credit and other loan platform loans, and then complete the refund on the grounds of Esau code, will set the loan to go. Yesterday, the police issued an early warning, saying that this new type of network refund fraud has occurred more than, I hope the “chop hand party” do not arbitrarily sweep the so-called Taobao customer service or sellers sent two-dimensional code.
Because the two platforms are loans, real-time accounts, so Hu has not realized that the money is his loan. Hang up after the phone, the more want to feel more wrong, and immediately call back “sellers” phone, can not contact each other, and WeChat is also the other party pull black. Xiao Hu through Taobao want to contact the seller, only to find that the other party did not call her, the goods do not exist any quality problems, this just know that they have been cheated.
In March 17th, South Park teach a college student Xiaoting suddenly received a strange call, the person claiming to be the “Taobao customer service”, said the courier lost her, to give her compensation, claiming that the “customer service compensation” by the third party platform to Xiaoting within Alipay, just log in Alipay, “come on stage” authentication and withdrawals.
I will according to the operation in the certification after Xiaoting found himself really Alipay balance of more than 1300 yuan. Subsequently, “customer service” and I said 198 yuan in 1300 yuan as her compensation, the remaining 1102 yuan to provide him with another person in alipay.
At this time, Xiao Hu did not know that this is the money she borrowed, but also that the customer service staff in accordance with the refund process returns. The other side immediately said that because of the system error, they hit more money, so that Hu himself left the reparations of 198 yuan, the rest of the money back to them.
Chen hastened to contact the seller, only to find himself already pulled black. Chen realized that he was deceived, immediately rushed to the police station to report. Unfortunately, the money Mr. Chen is unable to recover, because it is the use of Alipay direct transfer, the other is real-time arrival. As a result, Mr. Chen not only did not get the so-called refund, but backed by a debt”.
Police remind: network refund does not need to transfer to each other, do not arbitrarily open the link sent by strangers, the bank card account number, password and verification code to tell strangers.
“Taobao customer service” to refund, do not easily believe
The other immediately told her, want to change a platform refund, said their company and Alipay bidding union good credit “also have cooperation, let Hu click on Alipay search” the joint good period of loan and add, after entering the platform according to his requirements for operation. At this time, Hu was a bit skeptical, but the thought of the operation on the Alipay platform, password verification code does not leak, should be safe, and in accordance with the requirements of the other unsuspectingly a step by step to do.
In March 30th, Home Jiang Shan Chen to the police station, said he was in Alipay loans of nearly 20 thousand yuan. Originally, Mr. Chen before Taobao online to buy a piece of clothing, unexpectedly, in the afternoon the seller sent him, and told him that the clothes have quality problems, in order not to let the loss of customers, to give him a refund. Mr. Chen to see this information, but also did not doubt that the seller is honest. Subsequently, the “seller” to Chen sent a link, and tell Mr. Chen, this is their refund channel, just in accordance with the above tips for operation, you can refund success.
Mr. Chen followed the instructions on the link. During the operation, Mr. Chen’s cell phone received a text message and thought it was his own refund information. Mr. Chen ignored it. When the operation is complete, Mr. Chen took the mobile phone text messages, suddenly dumbfounded: his rather baffling in Alipay software on the “stages”, the borrowing of nearly 20 thousand yuan, but also put the money directly to the seller”.
Because the other side has been talking with Xiao Hu, Hu Hu speak while operating, there is no way to think. Then the other side to Hu a two-dimensional code, after Hu sweep the two-dimensional code after operation, the other said they could in this platform in the background there is a problem, cause money back, back to her money back without success. Hu looked at the Alipay balance, 4000 yuan before the money was missing.
In addition, these loans platform and liar called “refund company” or Taobao shop does not have any relationship, and the amount is not “refund company” application. So, don’t trust a liar’s rhetoric. If someone tells you that his company is putting money into your loan software, it must be a scam! Once cheated, should immediately call the Alipay customer service for Alipay account freeze.
As the information reported by the other party was correct and accurate, Xiao Hu did not think much and believed each other. And the other party’s attitude is very good, said to give Hu refund, Xiao Hu agreed. But the other side said, because manufacturers with some platforms cooperation, so there is no way to directly refund on Taobao to her. The other asked Hu have used Alipay’s bidding Union period good credit “, said the refund will enter her bidding Union period good loan account.
Police handling the case explained that these are new means of online shopping fraud. Crooks mainly use the victim’s online shopping process and some new emerging online consumer financial platform is not familiar with the weaknesses of the set. In fact, a mouth of the “good credit” the joint “ant” to borrow chant “stage” is the Internet platform for financial transactions, personal consumer loans can be carried out by Alipay, without collateral, mortgage. But once the victim from cash, it belongs to the borrowing behavior, after is to be returned.
Police remind: Despite the current network of various types of fraud in an endless stream, but the ultimate goal is to require the victim to transfer money. Since two-dimensional code is easy to make, when it comes to money, do not easily scan each other’s two-dimensional code, be sure to be vigilant and verify, to avoid deception. If you are not familiar with the new features on the APP, do not use it at will.
After Hu did not know “the joint good period loan” what is thought, like Alipay, is a collection and payment tool. The other party preaches, she operates, then Xiao Hu calls and operates under the guidance of the other party. After operation found himself in more than 4000 yuan Alipay balance.
Open unfamiliar links, loans 20 thousand yuan
Police warn: one of the reasons for this fraud is that the fraudsters obtain the victim’s transaction list by illegal means. These list of transactions can clearly show the time of the victim’s shopping and the purchase of goods, once the liar can accurately say these contents, the victim will believe that this is Taobao customer service. Internet users if received the so-called “refund”, “return money” Taobao customer service, business phone, do not believe, must be how long the mind, by calling the official customer service telephone verification.
Indiscriminate scan two-dimensional code, refund change loans
Just turn the money over each other, and for other reasons, lured into Xiaoting bidding union good period of loan application for registration. Due to the need for family information in the process, Xiaoting unwilling to continue the operation, “customer service” immediately hung up the phone, I think it is wrong to report to the police. The original “Taobao customer service” called the refund is in Alipay’s own “stage to” borrow “on top of the platform, Taobao customer service” has never returned to her 1 cents.

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