What types of business loans do you have?

2, working capital loans
Working capital loans refer to loans made by banks to individuals engaged in legal production and management and used to meet the needs of individual control enterprises (including individual industrial and commercial households) in the production and operation of current capital requirements. Working capital loans are classified into secured working capital loans and unsecured working capital loans in accordance with the conditions of unsecured loans. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the difference of liquidity loans and corporate loans, corporate loans for corporate, and liquidity loans to individuals is issued for personal control of enterprises (including individual industrial and commercial households) the production and operation of funds to finance.
It is normal for enterprises to meet capital problems in their operation and management. At this point, choose to apply for enterprise loans. If you want to apply for business loans, you need to know what types of business loans, we will introduce below
There are more than two types of corporate loans. In specific cases, banks and other lending institutions can be consulted. Whether you want to consult or to Tucao loans, housing prices are too expensive, or is there any complaints or suggestions for good credit network, or just want to chat and loan can add WeChat Lao Niang, our public number: zhaodaikuan, our online waiting for you oh!
1, special loans
Special loans refer to loans granted by banks to individuals for directional purchase or lease of commercial housing and machinery, and the main source of repayment is loans obtained from cash flows generated by operations. Special loans mainly include personal commercial housing loans and personal operating equipment loans. Commercial housing loans are mainly used in shops for loans (sales of goods or services).

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