Personal comprehensive consumption loan

The term is generally 1 to 3 years, and the interest rate shall be executed in accordance with the same level lending rate of the people’s Bank of China over the same period. The floating rate and interest rate adjustment shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of the people’s Bank of China and our bank. How to bid? The customer’s personal comprehensive consumer loan application and submit relevant information bank to investigate the examination and approval of the bank and the borrower signed a loan contract with the mortgage, the pledge guarantee for the mortgage, pledge loans or one-time payment according to the credit amount and period of time according to the agreed repayment of the borrower to repay the loan principal and interest loan settlement procedures for common problems and answer 1, in handling the maximum guarantee circulation of consumer loans, how to apply for a single loan? Borrowers need to apply for a single loan in the amount of guarantee circulation under the line, fill in the “maximum guarantee personal loan contract payment application”, and provide valid identity documents, “the maximum guarantee personal loan contract”, proof of use by the Agricultural Bank, investigation, review, approval, loan. 2, which customers can not handle personal consumption loans? When the loan application date is in arrears, the three consecutive period or accumulative total of six bad credit records, the agricultural bank directly refuses to apply for the comprehensive consumption loan of the individual.

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