Loans can earn more than 180 college students in Daqing

After getting the money, Tian Mingyu spent some of it and partly on lending. Originally thought lending will make money, but the situation is not optimistic, 100 thousand yuan loan principal and interest so that he felt the pressure alexander.
Born in 1989, Tian Mingyu, from Heilongjiang, Suihua. After graduating from college, he worked for some time in an online loan company in Beijing. In April 2015, he resigned from Beijing and came to Daqing to start his own company.
Since August 2015, “lending on the campus lending network platform, not only do not pay interest, but also earn money.”.” This “pie in the sky” way to earn money began in Heilongjiang, Daqing, several colleges and universities quietly spread, so many students for the heartbeat. By the end of 2016, nearly 190 students had earned loans on campus, and the total amount of loans was nearly 4 million yuan. The loans ended up in a pocket of a man named Tian Mingyu. Recently, the Daqing hi tech Zone Procuratorate on suspicion of fraud, the approval of the arrest of Tian Mingyu.
In order to make money more abundant, Tian Mingyu once again take the same means, with petty temptation college students act as an intermediary, to help him find the students willing to loan. Beginning in 2016, for Tian Mingyu as an intermediary, and he also apply for loans for school students, there are 5 people.
In February 7th this year, college students Zhao received a net loan platform telephone reminders. Put down the phone, Zhao immediately ask Dongmou question. Dongmou immediately call Tian Mingyu’s phone. Tian Mingyu told him that the money was not ready.
Capital chain rupture, Dunning telephone opened mortgage fraud
Soon, Yu Mou found 13 students who agreed to apply for loans, he himself joined the initiative. Collect these students’ identity, information and other materials, Tian Mingyu will go to a number of net loan platform, in the name of students to apply for loans. After that, Tian Mingyu also instructed students in accordance with the requirements of the net loan platform to complete the loan process, to accept information verification.
With the increase of the amount of loans, “Tian Mingyu lending support to the loan” approach has gradually become a vicious spiral, loan interest accumulate funds, vulnerability is more and more big, he chose to give up the repayment.
Seeking benefits, college students blindly apply for net loan
It is understood that after the incident, the Daqing high tech Zone procuratorate dedicated to the “campus loan pie or trap” as the theme, carry out publicity activities in the area of colleges and universities, through the case for urged schools and relevant departments to strengthen the campus credit supervision, strengthen education of College Students’ awareness of self-protection, resist the temptation to move away from risk.
After finishing a series of loans, net loan platform will have the students loans into Alipay or bank card. When the students got the loan, they transferred the loan to his account according to Tian Mingyu’s request. In this way, Tian Mingyu quickly raised the first amount of funds 100 thousand yuan.
To raise money quickly, Tian Mingyu thought of his familiar online lending business. Based on past experience, he took aim at the campus loan is relatively popular in recent years, the city of Daqing Northeast Petroleum University, Bayi Agricultural University, Harbin Medical University (Daqing campus) and other universities immediately into his line of sight.
Dongmou is one of them. In May 2016, Dongmou introduced Tian Mingyu by elder sister’s introduction. Tian Mingyu to attract him to pay for the net loan, but also encouraged him to introduce other students, and promised to loan success, give him the corresponding commission. Dongmou face the temptation of money, not only for nearly 20 thousand yuan loans, also introduced more than 40 students to apply for loans, benefit fees and commission a total of 1.7 yuan from.
Tian Mingyu first contact is students of a university in Daqing attended more than one, let him help to introduce some student loans. Tian Mingyu out of the conditions are very attractive: students are only responsible for submission of the application, the loan principal and interest paid by him, and each submit an application for students can get 100 yuan to 200 yuan range of benefits. Yu Mou each introduces a student to become a loan, can get corresponding deduct a percentage from a sum of money.
After verification, since August 2015 to the incident, a total of more than 180 college students have applied for loans, the total amount of nearly 4 million yuan. Tian Mingyu has repaid principal and interest totaling more than 260 yuan, and the remaining funds were used for daily consumption. When caught, Tian Mingyu name, in addition to a used Mercedes Benz car, no valuables, no bank deposits. The back for the sake of small profit at the expense of personal credit loans, college students, had tears, regret a previous mistake.
According to Tian Mingyu confession, he started in August 2015, looking for college students to participate in campus loans. At first he was able to repay on time. In the second half of 2016, funding began to suffer, but he continued to lure students into applying for campus loans, using benefits and suggestions as bait.
Start a company with money and ask a college student for a loan
Since then, there are 4 students have received a net loan platform Dunning telephone, the students immediately reported that as if wakening from a dream. On February 17th, the police arrested Tian Mingyu in a rented house.

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