What loan materials do self-employed people need to apply for loans?

1., the business license is a positive copy, tax registration is a positive copy, institutional code is a copy of the operating space lease contract.
If the self-employed is engaged in home improvement, building materials, freight, logistics and other cash flow instability industry, you need to provide nearly a year of bank cards, running bills.
2., the recent sales bills, manual books, nearly six months of personal bank cards, running bills.
If the self-employed do not have property, the need to provide property security, property rights or purchase contracts, as well as the guarantor’s identity card;
If inventory is available, stock list is available.
In addition to the above loan materials, the following materials shall also be provided:
Self-employed business risk is great, the self-employed apply for loans are often not accepted by banks. Some individuals are not easy to apply for operating loans qualifications, but because the loan material is not sufficient to delay the lending time, affecting the operation.
3., recent tax payment bills, a recent bill of water and electricity, property right or purchase contract, automobile driving license, both husband and wife ID card, marriage certificate, residence booklet.
Then, what loan materials do the self-employed need to apply for the loan?.
According to Xiao Bian understand, the self-employed apply for loans need the following three types of loan materials:
Finally, remind self-employed, if apply for operating loans more difficult, if there are collateral, such as property and vehicles, you can apply for mortgage loans, so that the amount of the loan will be larger.
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