How do migrant workers apply for starting loans?

Two, holding the business license issued by the administrative department for Industry and Commerce and the relevant business license, engaged in legitimate production and operation activities, have a stable income and debt service ability
The amount applied for is:
Loan term:
Peasant workers apply for start-up loans, the loan period is 2 years, the longest can not be more than 3 years, of which the production and operation of floating money loans for the longest period of 1 years.
Proof of marital status, personal or family income and property status and repayment ability of documents; contract agreement, loan applications; collateral, collateral or pledge the ownership certificate and list, the bank recognized assessment department issued against (quality) and property valuation report.
Additional conditions to be satisfied:
Because migrant workers apply for entrepreneurial loans, but also need to combine the loan period to reasonable plan repayment period, so as to avoid overdue.
Three, the borrower has a certain investment projects from the rich
In addition to this situation, there are some requirements for opening a bank, such as the need to open a settlement account with the bank so as to conduct daily settlement.
Data to be prepared is available:
A loan applicant needs to have a permanent residence or place of business.
Five, open a settlement account at the bank, operating income through the bank settlement.
Migrant workers how to apply for entrepreneurial loans? At the moment, migrant workers return home to start business, and now is not a strange thing. But the problem of money has always been the concern of many migrant workers. Then, how do farmers apply for start-up loans?
The maximum shall not exceed 70% of the total amount of money required by the borrower for the normal production and operation activities, the purchase (installation or repair) of small equipment (machines), and the total amount of money required for franchising;
Four, the use of loans in line with the relevant laws of the state and the bank’s credit policy provisions, not allowed for equity equity investments
Migrant workers how to apply for entrepreneurial loans, it is understood that the basic requirements to be met:
The mode of mortgage is:
First, at least eighteen years of age, there are legal and effective identity certificates and loans to the legitimate residence of the bank to prove that there is a fixed place of residence or business premises;
More mortgage, may be movable property, real estate mortgage, certificates of deposit pledge, securities pledge, liquidity strong pledge, in line with the requirements of the guarantor guarantee. The amount of payment shall be determined in the form of specific guarantees.
Two, business license and operating permit, stable income and debt service ability
Three, the most important thing is that entrepreneurs have invested some money from the project.

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