How do entrepreneurs apply for small loan start-ups?

Most of the microfinance business loan amount is relatively small, the highest line is 8-10 million yuan discount loan time is short, usually for two years, but after the expiration may apply for extension, extension which pays interest.
Basically, this small amount of start-up loans will require third guarantees, but entrepreneurs should pay attention to three points. First, between husband and wife can not guarantee each other; two, the loan outside the residence of the person can not guarantee; three, retirees can not guarantee.
How entrepreneurs apply for small business loans secured? Most entrepreneurs know their own businesses to support the special business loans, but for the introduction of local government small business loan guarantee implementation details, but don’t know. Then, how do entrepreneurs apply for small loans to start undertaking it?
Under normal circumstances, to apply for small business loan guarantee first to attend a business training, and then to the entrepreneurs to account for the location of the community labor security department to submit a “microfinance loan application”. Of course, in addition to this small loan application, you also need ID card, employment or unemployment registration certificate, project report, graduation certificate, and the materials required by the local guarantee institution. For this, regional policies are different.
Nationally, the number of applicants for entrepreneurship loans includes college graduates, migrant workers, veterans with valid certificates, and unemployed persons approved by the labour guarantee department.

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