How do college students apply for entrepreneurial loans?

Only meet the above conditions, want to start their own business students in order to apply for loans to start business banks, then apply for loans, the repayment of loans and what?
Know according to the current situation, if the borrower’s loan period in a year (including one year), then the implementation of a debt maturity, with the benefit of clear; if the loan term is more than a year, you can choose repayment matching interest repayment or equal principal repayment, but also by another way agreed repay.
How to apply for business loans to college students? Now, more choices, more and more college students self employment but the initial venture capital investment is relatively large, so many college students will choose to apply for business loans, loans to institutions that, college students should how to apply for business loans?
It is understood that students apply for business loans to lending institutions, need to meet the following two basic requirements: one is the borrower is junior college graduates and above; two is not more than 6 months after graduation employment, and in the local labor department for the registration of the unemployed.
At the same time, to independent college students must meet the following conditions: first, the borrower needs a fixed residence or place of business; second, the borrower has the business license and business license, and have a stable income and repayment ability; third, entrepreneurial investment projects must have the money.

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