Do banks need collateral for small loans?

The advantage of credit loans is that the loan speed is faster, only by credit can be obtained, requiring borrowers stable income, good credit record; the disadvantage is that the amount is relatively low, generally tens of thousands to 500 thousand yuan. While mortgage loans require collateral, guarantees, or margin, the self-employed and small and medium enterprises can apply for this type of loans up to 10 million yuan, of course, according to the value of the mortgage loan to value accounting.
Do banks need collateral for small loans?
In fact, if the bank does not take the initiative to introduce related business, in fact, this type of loan banks are not willing to do, after all, the higher risk and the amount is too small, waste of bank resources. At present, only a few domestic banks to open this business, including Citibank’s “happiness loans” and “loan bank faction” is more representative of the unsecured personal bank loan. Despite the convenience and low barriers to entry, the banks have a requirement for the borrower’s profession, and some risky occupations are usually rejected. In addition, the expected annual interest rate of this loan is relatively high, and the loan time is relatively short.
Personal micro credit business includes personal credit loan and personal mortgage loan, that is to say, both mortgage and unsecured products are available.
In view of the fact that go to the bank for there are so many restrictions and requirements, so more and more people hope to find more convenient and suitable for their own loans, then you will understand why the Internet is all over third loan publicity, because they do not need to worry that they will be free to refuse to have more advantages than the bank. Small series actually recommend non bank loans more cost-effective, even considering the risk of loans, as long as the formal lending institutions, there is no need to worry about.
Which bank can I do without unsecured small loans?
Finally, to remind you that we need to provide truthful information, no matter what the requirements of the bank’s microfinance, so that we can increase the rate of adoption. A recent social survey shows that people are afraid of bank disapproval when they apply for a bank loan, so they use Unreal information materials. Experts point out that such acts not only can not obtain loans, but also affect the credibility of the future, it is recommended that we do not want to do so.
Both individuals in daily life, or in day-to-day business activities, may need to apply for small loans. So, do banks need collateral for small loans?

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