How to borrow a small loan from CCB?

Other conditions stipulated by the construction bank.
1, activate or query the pre credit limit. You can complete the business through personal finance mall or CCB loan center, activate and inquire the CCB through the internal assessment and approval of the pre grant credit limit.
CCB good financial business and personal loan refers to a clear purpose loans Construction Bank to individual customers, mainly for the purchase of good personal finance business mall merchants signed the sales of goods or services, customers can apply for one or more times with the loans in the loan period and pre credit.
Loan term:
The term of validity of the loan limit shall be no more than 1 years (including); the term of the single loan payable under the individual micro loan quota shall be no more than 1 years (inclusive).
Product features:
Security guarantee: loan funds can be supervised by banks, efficient and safe.
6, loan support. With the need to verify the net loan Yindun password, after successful verification, loans to the designated account, and according to the agreed terms to complete the credit funds designated to pay.
A one-stop service: financing services throughout the entire process of customer orders, from shopping, credit support for application, examination and approval, the signing of the contract to the lending bank transfer by staying at home, can be through the good personal finance business network platform to achieve a one-stop shopping mall.
Opening a personal bank settlement account with a construction bank.
Loan limit:
3, apply for loans. When you pay on the business finance personal mall, choose “personal micro loan” and submit a loan application to the ccb.
How to borrow a small loan from CCB?
4, loan review. CCB has a comprehensive assessment of your credit standing and loan application. The CCB will conduct online real-time audit and feedback the results.
2, the purchase of goods. You choose the goods at the finance business personal mall, and select the personal loan to generate the order.
Procedures simple: the bank active credit, customers can go to the next line for relatively complex procedures.
Minimum credit limit for personal micro loans is 1000 yuan, the maximum 300 thousand yuan, the customer can apply for a loan under the amount of the loan.
5, sign the loan contract. After the construction bank audit, you need to sign the loan contract online.
Loan object:
As one of the five major lines of Construction Bank of China, its loan products are also varied, including small loans. Then, the construction of micro credit loans?
Construction Bank personal online banking customers shield, and has successfully registered good financial business and opened membership mall account.

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