Can a bank make a personal loan?

Bank loans as one of the main business of commercial banks, the loan products in addition to enterprises, but also for personal loans. However, an individual must meet certain requirements when applying for a bank loan, and then submit the information required for the loan.
1, clear the reasons for applying for a loan. Bank loans are subject to the CBRC’s requirements on the grounds of the loan is relatively high, borrowers in the application for bank loans, the reasons for the loan expressed clearly cleaning. Don’t be ambiguous, direct your loan application.
4, the borrower’s income certificate (for half a year wage income certificate or tax certificate local);
Information and conditions required for personal loans from banks:
3, married, need to provide the spouse’s valid identity card, residence booklet and marriage certificate;
How is the loan easier to succeed?
5, property ownership certificate;
2, marital status has proved that the unmarried need to provide an unmarried card, divorced, need to issue a civil mediation or divorce certificate (note that after the divorce did not remarry);
1, the borrower’s valid identity card, residence booklet;
Personal loans refer to foreign and domestic loans granted by financial institutions to natural persons who meet the requirements of loans and are used for personal consumption, production and management purposes. Then, can the bank make personal loans?
2, the loan amount should not be too big. Bank loans are not only demanding conditions, but also a small amount of loans is one of the characteristics, therefore, borrowers apply for bank loans, it is necessary to make the gold rated too big. You can find experienced bank staff to ask about your credit and how much you can borrow. The bigger the amount you apply, the more likely you are to fail.
Can a bank make a personal loan?
3, detailed loans read, apply for bank loans. For example: the use of loans, personal credit records, repayment methods, income sources and so on, these information are detailed instructions, can improve the success rate of the application. Of course, personal credibility is also important for success rates. Borrowers can increase their credit by using bank credit cards.
6, you must have collateral to loan, and the amount of the loan can not exceed 70% of the value of the collateral assessment;
7, there is a long-term stable enough to pay the monthly loan principal and interest sources and income certificates

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