Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank of Jiangsu issued the first “three right” mortgage loans

Two is active docking, good coordination, to ensure the smooth development of the industry. External, and actively with the Wujin District Three System Reform Office docking, earnestly provide professional advice; actively with the government departments at all levels of interaction, conscientiously improve the process of mortgage registration. Within the timely introduction of the “three power” mortgage management practices, operating procedures, the loan target, the relevant conditions, the highest mortgage rate, collateral disposal mechanism of the four clear”.
In recent years, to help revitalize the rural areas and farmers “sleeping assets”, to support the development of agriculture, Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank Duocuobingju, active and innovative financial products, sounding “agriculture” brand, to make rural finance more down to earth, temperature.
The successful issuance of the “three power” mortgage loan has not only accumulated precious experience for the rural commercial banks in Jiangnan, but also brought tangible benefits to enterprises. According to estimates, as the financing guarantee from the original guarantee for the mortgage, the loan interest rate down to 4.8%, Changzhou double Sheng Precision Forging Co., Ltd. for this year to save nearly 30 thousand yuan of interest costs.
First, the learning system will be the direction to ensure compliance with the law. Study and general office of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued the “on the spirit of rural land expropriation, collective management of construction land into the city, the homestead system reform opinions” and other documents, and actively explore the “three rights” mortgage theoretical basis and legal basis, to put into practice, the implementation of the operation way obstacle.
At present, Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank is actively studying further the “three rights” mortgage: on the one hand, with the government to establish a set of system and related measures, including the right to work, to change the registration of property rights, government backed guarantee fund and insurance policy etc.. On the other hand, the government has not set up measures before the choice of rural land property rights disputes, is not the first source of repayment of good quality borrowers, provide other effective way of security in order to grant priority, “three rights” mortgage.
Three is to unify ideas, strong propaganda, and ensure steady progress. Require customer managers to pay attention to ideology, do a good job in maintaining stock customers, actively reserve new customers, and lay a good foundation for business development. At the same time, the product manager in-depth pilot area branch business training, to explain the full range from the policy level to the business process, the branch of the importance of “three rights” mortgage loan from the person in charge to the customer manager to fully understand, lay good foundation for business development.
In April 14th, Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank of Jiangsu Province issued the first “three rights” mortgage loans to Changzhou double Sheng Precision Forging Co., Ltd., the amount of 2 million 500 thousand yuan. Including the use of rural collective construction land use rights mortgage as the subject of 2 million 250 thousand yuan, to shareholders of housing property rights mortgage as the subject of 150 thousand yuan, to shareholders of land contractual management right mortgage as the subject of 100 thousand yuan. It is understood that the loan is to explore the latest issued at the end of 2015 after the first national rural housing mortgage loans, once again walk in the forefront of innovation to support rural development.

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