Longnan issued loans 40 million 310 thousand yuan to support the venture entrepreneurs

Support entrepreneurship and promote employment. Longnan County business loan policy played a significant role in promoting local economic and social development, expand employment, promote the development of credit. This year, the county issued a total of 40 million 310 thousand yuan guarantee loans, which support individual entrepreneurs 459, “loan action” employment 1891 people.
“With these 100 thousand yuan discount loans, the desire to expand the scale of operation can finally be achieved!” Recently, Longnan County prosperous automobile maintenance center for Liao Xingsheng to grant the county employment bureau business discount loans, said happily. This is the county’s use of entrepreneurship guarantee loans, helping people entrepreneurship is a microcosm.
In recent years, Longnan County employment as a top priority to protect the people’s livelihood to focus on increasing employment and entrepreneurship support, expand business scale loans, loan guarantees in the business and give full play to the role of supporting entrepreneurship. This county uses the television, the network, the propaganda slogan and so on form, vigorously promotes the undertaking guarantee loan policy, creates the entire people to obtain employment, the undertaking good atmosphere. At the same time, in ensuring the safety of loan recovery under the premise of streamlining the workflow, to relax the borrower conditions, restrictions and lower security threshold, the policy will benefit more employment difficulties.

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