Jiyuan: land contracting right, mortgage loan, boosting agriculture development

Management right of rural land contracting contract refers to the way to the family or through bidding, auction and public consultation, etc., to subcontract, lease, transfer, transfer or other laws and regulations in accordance with the transfer, the right of rural land contracting and management to obtain the possession, use, income and disposition of rights. At the end of 2015, Jiyuan was identified as the pilot of the mortgage loan for the right to operate rural land in china. In order to promote the pilot work, Jiyuan organized the rural contracted land management right, the mortgage loan policy and the silver farmers docking signing date. 10 banking financial institutions and more than 60 new types of agricultural operators came to the scene for consultation and docking. Finally, the postal savings bank of Jiyuan branch, directly under the Jiyuan rural commercial bank and 4 new agricultural enterprises reached the loan intention, and signed a loan agreement, the loan amount of 6 million 100 thousand yuan.
These days, many failed to participate in on-site matchmaking farmers have been asked after the mortgage, how to handle?. Reporters learned that the loan object is to obtain the contracted management right of rural land contracting by households of farmers, as well as a large, professional franchise has contracted land in the rural areas through the legal way of circulation of family farms, farmers’ cooperatives, agricultural enterprises and other new agricultural business entities. Eligible, you can go to the bank to apply for a loan. This will effectively promote the moderate scale operation of agriculture in Jiyuan and speed up the construction of a modern agricultural industrial system.
“Land contract management right can mortgage loans, we have and postal savings bank of Jiyuan directly under the sub branch signed a loan intention of 2 million yuan. It really helped me a lot!” In April 16th, Feng Weifeng, head of the family farm at Feng Feng Garden, told reporters excitedly. In the city of Jiyuan before the organization held a rural land contract management right mortgage policy propaganda cum agricultural silver docking sign date, 4 new agricultural business entities and the relevant banking financial institutions reached a loan intention.

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