Which bank has the lowest interest rate?

Generally low interest is the four major state-owned banks: China bank, construction bank, industrial and commercial bank, Agricultural Bank of China; the four banks do mortgage loans run faster but the review is very strict, other small amount of bank loans less slow but simple.
Which bank has the lowest interest rate on a mortgage?
Banks, for consideration of the risk of loan funds, will have risk control for each loan, which means that the same bank will offer different loan interest rates to different borrowers. As a result, the subject of the lowest interest rate on a bank loan does not make any sense to an ordinary borrower.
In fact, the mortgage interest almost every bank, all banks rate is basically not much interest, not the bank itself, the CBRC unified requirements, each bank only slightly adjust permissions.
When the bank loan review the borrower qualifications, the staff will consider the borrower’s repayment ability, they will be analyzed according to the borrower to provide credit record, income and bank water, proof of assets, accounting reports and other materials, roughly the borrower’s monthly income and monthly expenditure, the monthly repayment ability. Then, combined with the borrower’s loan amount, the monthly supply capacity, we can determine what type of repayment and loan maturity the loan customers should choose.
If you have to tell the real estate mortgage interest which bank is relatively low, so under normal circumstances, to some of the major banks, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank and other loans is relatively low. With the liberalization of lending rates, commercial banks have the right to decide their own loan rates, and there are differences in interest rates for different bank loans.
In general, which bank’s mortgage interest is relatively low, in fact, it is difficult to contrast, why do you say so?
In dealing with large mortgage loans, interest on loans is something we must consider, because the lower the interest on loans, which means less pressure to repay. Then, which bank has the lowest interest rate on the mortgage?

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