How about personal loans from banks?

Matching interest repayment: matching principal repayment is the most common way of repayment, banks will also recommend the borrower adopt the way of repayment, because this is also the amount of the monthly repayment of the same, easy to remember, but also facilitate arrangements for the borrower, the borrower income stability. However, because interest rates will not be reduced with the repayment of principal, because of this, the total interest on repayment is relatively high, and the bank money takes a long time.
5, if the loan is not prosecuted to the court, after the court judgment is still not repayment, be reported to the Supreme People’s court and input “dishonest debtor list”, also known as the “old Lai list” will be prohibited by plane high-speed rail travel.
1, the bank will take certain measures in the initial collection, telephone notification, if the loan is not really can explain to the bank own actual situation, try to apply for extension, depending on the regulations of the bank;
Equal principal repayment: matching principal repayment matching interest repayment is relatively can save a lot of interest, but the early repayment amount is more, so the early repayment pressure, but the repayment pressure will monthly decline, for good income borrowers.
Bank loans are not yet personal consequences?
4, the impact of personal credit records, bad credit records for future loans, car loans and other credit cards, as well as resistance to become resistance;
Note: the extension will be regarded as a negative information in the credit report, indicating that your repayment ability has some problems, but it is still better than overdue.
Pay interest on time: the borrower can negotiate repayment time with the bank according to its own economic situation. Not all banks have this kind of repayment, suitable for unstable income borrowers.
How about personal loans from banks? Personal loans refer to loans made by banks or other financial institutions to individuals who meet the requirements of the loan and are used for personal consumption, production and management. Then, how do you repay personal loans?
One-time payment of principal and interest: Although this method of repayment is simple, but the applicability is not strong, suitable for the loan period of one year or less loan.
How about personal loans from banks?
Bank personal loans common repayment methods are four: matching principal and interest repayment, matching principal repayment, one-time principal and interest payments, as well as repayment of interest on time. Here are introduced respectively, the four banks personal loan repayment methods.
2, overdue more than 90 days, serious circumstances can be regarded as malicious overdue, bank collection may also cause pressure for themselves and their families, affecting the normal life of individuals and families;
In 3, there will be some overdue charges, such as liquidated damages, penalty and other expenses according to the contract, the specific needs of the collection, the different mechanism of loan products, collect the penalty or penalty is not the same;

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