How to deal with real estate mortgage?

For loans under 2 years of age, you can pay monthly interest, once or two times;
5, loan issuance;
2, with stable occupation and income, good credit, and repayment ability;
I. the conditions for applying for real estate mortgage loan?
For more than 2 years of loans, you can choose the matching principal repayment method or matching principal (diminishing) repayment law.
Six, for the real estate mortgage loan fees required to pay?
1, submit information and apply;
4, for mortgage registration and purchase insurance;
Mortgage registration procedures required to prepare data issued by the Bank of the legal representative certificate of the legal authorization, legal person and the entrusted people copy of ID card, a copy of the business license, a copy of the financial license, mortgage contracts, mortgage registration application form, real estate license, the owner ID card copy. It takes 15 natural days from delivery to pickup.
Uses include: the purchase of commercial real estate (including housing, shops, office buildings, etc.), car buying, home decoration, study abroad, the purchase of raw materials needed for the operation of operating capital.
6. The borrower agrees to repay the loan as stipulated in the contract;
3, signing the loan contract and other legal documents;
Five, the real estate mortgage loan repayment?
Property assessment fees, mortgage registration fees, lawyers fees (individual banks charged), insurance premiums (offshore people also need notarization fees).
Two, the application for real estate mortgage loans required to submit information?
1. A natural person who has reached the age of 18 and has full capacity for civil conduct;
The required information is: identity certificate, residence booklet, marriage certificate, income certificate, real estate certificate of mortgage property and evaluation report, loan use certificate and other materials stipulated by the bank.
3. Other conditions stipulated by the bank.
2, bank investigation and approval;
Seven, apply for real estate mortgage program?
What are the eight, mortgage registration required documents from delivery to the licensing? How long will it take?
Three, what are the purposes of the real estate mortgage loan?
Four, the number of mortgage loans, fixed number of years and interest rates
Nine, a total of real estate how to set mortgage?
Common property, each co owner has the right to mortgage the property, but must obtain the written consent of the other co owners. According to a real estate mortgage, the mortgagor shall be limited to all my share in common; real estate mortgage, all real estate are mortgaged property collateral to sell, there are other liable persons in the repayment of debts by selling models, there are other people who have the right to recourse to the mortgagor.
7, settle the loan, cancel the mortgage registration.
In real life, many people have money, money never mind, for the loan to be good, most people will apply for loans with real estate as collateral, so, how to handle the mortgage?
The loan amount is determined according to the use of the loans selected, but generally not more than 60% of the net mortgage real estate assessment; life is generally not more than 20 years; lending rates in accordance with the provisions of the people’s Bank of personal consumer loans.

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