Enterprises involved in bridge loans, Zhejiang banking implementation of the annual review system

In April 18th, the Zhejiang Banking Regulatory Bureau Secretary Xiong Tao commended in the “2017 Zhejiang banking small and micro financial services to promote the conference of the 2016 annual” said on Zhejiang, many enterprises involved in bridge loans, banking institutions should be for enterprises to reduce the pressure of the “due lending”, Zhejiang Banking Bureau will also strengthen the on-site inspection.
As of the end of 2016, Zhejiang Banking Bureau approved the establishment of small and micro franchise branch 413, the jurisdiction of banking institutions through internal franchise branch, special branch, small franchise Department or team and other modes of Small and micro businesses franchised service.
Under normal circumstances, after the loan expires, if the customer still has financing needs, need to restore loans to borrow new, this time is short ten or twenty days, two or three months long. In this transition period, enterprises need to cross the bridge loan, and even need to rely on high cost private financing.
Zhejiang Banking Regulatory Commission to lead the banking institutions actively use mobile Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other new technologies, to promote small and micro financial services to the intelligent, information-based, convenient development. The application of the Zhejiang Banking Regulatory Bureau in-depth banking institutions, third party data services company credit companies, research the Internet and big data in small and micro financial services, and to the provincial government proposed the establishment of government policy information sharing platform, build institutional data alliance proposal, actively strive to create a good external environment. For example, the integration of multi dimension information source for Small and micro businesses “data portrait” the use of big data technology, through information integration, cross validation, accurate analysis to grasp the credit status, control points of effective forward wind, reduce reliance on collateral.
Huaxia Bank Hangzhou branch president Zhu Bo on twenty-first Century Business Herald reporter said that the Chinese bank’s annual review system began in Zhejiang, Shaoxing, and later extended to the whole line. The characteristics of the annual examination system loan are that the bank can automatically extend the loan period without the need to return the loan without signing a new loan contract before the maturity of the credit. Huaxia Bank Hangzhou branch in 2016 issued an annual review system loans 4 billion 520 million yuan, 1726 households with letters.
The “science and technology model” of China Banking Regulatory commission”
Zhejiang Banking Bureau through the supervision and guidance, targeted publicity, exchange of experience, public commitment “and other ways to promote the loan repayment Small and micro businesses innovation, reduce corporate lending repayment pressure and cost; and a reasonable set of bank loans and the repayment period, from the source to avoid short-term loans with long maturity mismatch, reduce” due from “pressure.
Located in the Internet financial innovation highland Zhejiang, regulators are also very “technical fan””.
In the recent hit drama “the name of the people”, the factory is closed to the bridge loan. And many enterprises in Zhejiang no longer need to bridge the loan, because the Zhejiang banking industry in the country began to implement the “annual review system.””. For small and micro enterprises, the biggest benefit of the annual examination system is to save the extra cost of capital.
In order to solve the information asymmetry, the Zhejiang Banking Regulatory Bureau set up a joint meeting system with the provincial taxation and Local Taxation Bureau, and all the local (city) banking regulatory bureaus have signed a cooperation agreement with the State Taxation Bureau and the Local Taxation bureau. Focus on promoting the interactive tax online model, industrial and Commercial Bank of China Zhejiang branch, Huaxia Bank, Hangzhou branch, Bank of Hangzhou and other 8 banks have access to tax information online through the provincial IRS system. Xianei 90% agricultural institutions called “tax loan”, “tax and other tax products of silver silver”.

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